Google’s Evidence On Jeremiah Blaquière

January 9, 2008

Hey All,So I took Seth Godin’s advice from his post “The First Thing To Do This Year” to google myself.  What did I find? Most of the results were past blogs from my MIS course, my “About Me” post on this course, other posts to different blogs that I don’t remember posting, and one notable website that claims that I signed a petition for a US District Court, in Boston for some Naturalization Petitions Index… I don’t recall signing a petition for naturalization AT ALL.  And then I thought to myself that there could be another Jeremiah Blaquière in the world that could be tainting my name. But no. This was yours truely, Jeremiah Blaquière from PEI.  It might have actually been me, but I just don’t remember.  But Its scary to think that the internet could be a story writer of your voice on the internet, capturing everything you say since the day you put in your first website. My girlfriend who just completed her BEd, was told in one of her classes that everyone should watch what they say on the internet, watch the pictures they put on Facebook etc…  Many kids in school now will look up their superiors in Facebook or Google, just to see what they find.  This leaves many people open to incriminating evidence.  You don’t need to be part of some special organization to be able to view information, pictures of people on the internet etc, so anything you say could be taken in a negative way by certain important people.   Needless to say for now on I will be careful of everything I put on the internet (not that I wasn’t before).  I encourage everyone to do this and see what they find.  Its pretty interesting and may bring back some unwanted memories.Ciao 


6 Responses to “Google’s Evidence On Jeremiah Blaquière”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    I just searched my name on Google….well actually my full name David, and surprisingly enough there is a convicted murderer named David Canvin. I don’t think anyone can beat that one.

  2. jblaquiere Says:

    oooh……tough break… should lay low for a little while…….i mean……the cops are probably looking for you right now…………….i wonder if there’s a reward?

  3. mellaz Says:

    Just did a google search and found my name on the UPEI student union website for UPEI Student Union Award given to me last year ,, that made my day !!

  4. imrankha Says:

    Your article provided us with some great insight and provoked some thought into the topic of “privacy”. It is quite clear from your views that not only information we submit on the web such as personal information used to sign up on websites could be used indirectly by third parties but also materials we voluntarily disclose (such as on facebook) can be harmful if not careful. There has been a lot of debate regarding privacy for a while now, however, I would add that it is also our responsibility to filter what we submit on the internet before pointing fingers at other companies that exchange our information or track us through the cookies they store on our computers.

  5. agelliott Says:

    I checked mine out and the only mention of me is on my wife’s employer’s webpage. Of course in my previous life I was a NFL nosetackle but apparently I died.

  6. romizuddin Says:

    I just search my name on google, I have found my name at also in UPEI’s MIS blog which I have taken two years back.

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