Imran Khan

January 9, 2008

Hello everyone.  As the title suggests, my name is Imran Khan.  I am a 4th year student at Upei completing my last semester.  I am from Pakistan and came to Canada (UPEI) about 4 years ago as a freshman starting with 0 credits to obtain a BBA degree.  I also would have a minor in Information Technology assuming all goes well in this course since it is the last course requirement I have to obtain the minor.  I use the net basically to check my mail.  I have MSN but I never chat on it.  Used to chat a lot but not interested in it any more.  I have facebook, signed up for it 3 months ago, but hardly use it.  I use my laptop for writing reports, surfing the web, watching movies, and listening to music.  I tried google reader after our first class and signed up for CNN just to test out the reader and get familiar with it.  Before I had no clue about RSS even though I saw the icon in my browser many times, now I understand it more.  hopefully in a few weeks I would have a better grasp of this technology that had evaded my eyes uptil now.  There is so much new things out there (technological wise), such as small web applications or stand alone applications which I have never even known.  Hopefully with this course I would be able to test some of them out. 



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