Product Packaging

January 9, 2008

I was browsing through Seth Godin’s blogs and one blog caught my eye called “Do heavier packages pay.” Every day people stop at convenience stores or at grocery stores to buy products such as bottle of Pepsi, Gatorade, or Water. Most of us don’t stop to think how much one of these bottles weigh, or if the actual weight can be a factor in the amount of sales of these products? For me that is a hard question to answer. A lot of heavier bottles do have large sales such as Coca Cola, and Pepsi. Compared to smaller sales of products which weigh less such as flavored water. Although the sales of flavored water are pretty big, they do not have as large as a position in the market as Pepsi and Coca Cola. For instance you can get fountain pop in many restaurants, but can you can’t get flavored water from these machines. I’m sure you could in some restaurants, but I haven’t seen this. But the process used to fill heavier bottles is the main factor in why these products are heavier. I think it is the wise business way to use lighter business packaging to reduce costs, and to use more environmental forms of packaging. It might be more expensive to switch over to using more environmental ways to package your product. But, the typical consumer is becoming more aware of environmental practices that companies use, which in turn can influence the purchasing decision.I realize that a lot of companies use different forms of packaging to appeal their product to the consumer. There has to be ways to use the similar forms of packaging and still portray your product in the way you want. It might be more expensive, but it would be the wise thing to do. Smaller companies might find it difficult to afford environmental friendly forms of packaging, which is very understandable given how wealthy some of the soft drink companies are. It makes sense also to make lighter product as more can be shipped at once, and shipping costs could be cheaper. I know that when I go shopping sometimes the actual product can be overlooked because of the stylish packaging. Reading this piece by Seth will make me think more when I am making a purchasing decision.


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