About ME! – David McKenna

January 10, 2008

Hey everyone,

I’ll start by talking about my background a little bit. My dad is an RCMP officer and so over my life I have moved to many different places throughout Atlantic Canada. I’ve lived in Nain, Goosebay, and Labrador City in Labrador, as well as Marystown, Bay D’Espoir, Clarenville and Whitebourne in Newfoundland. I have lived in Charlottetown for the last six years, which is mainly because my family and I love it here so much.

I absolutely love business, and have really enjoyed this year, which is my third at UPEI. I plan on getting my BBA with a strengthening in accounting and a minor in Business Information Technology. I am also in the COOP program and will be attending my first work term this upcoming May.

I’m involved in many extra curricular activities both at UPEI and outside in the community. The one I am most involved with at the moment is the UPEI Business Society, which has an office on the third floor of Kelley where I pretty much live and breathe.

So thats pretty much my life story, now for my computer background. I know how to program with Java, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, all due to taking courses at UPEI. I am currently learning how to us PHP, MySQL, and Apache in my IT306 course. This being said, I know computer basics, but I don’t feel I know very much. I want to learn useful tools that people everywhere are using like RRS Readers and del.icio.us.

I have my own laptop, as well as a Sandisk MP3 player, and I download music constantly. I’ve never downloaded a movie before, mainly because I have never tried and don’t know where to download it. I use limewire for my music, but I have no idea if movies can be downloaded with it. Considering how many of you have downloaded movies, hopefully I can catch up and learn how to do this.

I decided to take a Business IT minor so I could learn all of these things, but I feel my minor has so far let me down. I’m excited for this course because I think I may learn what I’ve been looking for here. Not only am I excited to learn from all of the blogs, but I’ve enjoyed reading your comments that have already been posted. and I think we can learn as much from each other as from what we read online.

Sorry for having such a long post and for telling you my life story, but at the moment I’m putting off studying for finance.

See you all in class,



3 Responses to “About ME! – David McKenna”

  1. Dave Says:

    Good post, David. Regarding your development skills, have you looked at Ruby on Rails? Rails and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) get a lot of buzz as “web 2.0” development platforms.

  2. dgmckenna Says:

    I’ve never heard of Ruby on Rails before, but thanks to wikipedia I now have a base understanding of it, although I don’t understand a lot of what it said.
    I have learned of LAMP and WAMP but only recently, because it is what we are concentrating on in IT306. In the upcoming weeks I imagine I’ll gain a lot more knowledge of what it is and how it is related in the Web 2.0 world.

  3. kmurnaghan Says:

    Hey Dave! My dads an RCMP officer as well. My family has been pretty lucky as we’ve been able to stay here on PEI for the last 18 years. Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that you’ve had the chance to live in a couple of different area’s in Canada!

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