Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine and How personal should a blog be?

January 10, 2008

Here is a good post by Jeff Jarvis asking How personal should a blog be? This will give you some sense of why people blog and some of the issues related to that question.

Jeff’s blog is another good one that deals a lot with the culture of blogging. Please add it to the required reading list.


7 Responses to “Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine and How personal should a blog be?”

  1. negodkin Says:

    I found this article interesting to read. To me it is showing a shift in how people define relationships. The writer relates a blog to a conversation with friends. It is nice to have conversations with various people on the internet but I don’t consider all of them “my friends”, perhaps acquaintances would be a better term. You don’t necessarily know who you are talking to or if they are really who they say they are. I would have a personal conversation with a friend but I wouldn’t have one with an acquaintance.

    This article also relates back to one of the previous posts which talked about googling your own name to find out if there is any information about yourself on the web. That article highlighted how you need to be very careful of what information you make available on the internet. Once information is on the internet it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. What may be perceived as a personal conversation among friends is now open to public scrutiny.

    Right now, I’m a bit paranoid about what information I put on the internet. Perhaps that will change in the future with the newer technology.

  2. dgmckenna Says:

    I think this is a perfect topic for myself, mainly because of what I included in my “about me” blog. The whole time I was writing it, I was wondering, “Am I writing about facts that are too personal for blogs, or even for our class. If it’s not too personal for either, do I still want to post this information and have it freely available on the web?
    This is where I completely agree with Nancy’s comments on keeping personal information off of the web. When you Google your own name, like many of us have done, do you want to see pictures of yourself so drunk you can’t walk. This is what may happen now that Facebook can be searched on Google.
    I have recently read a job seeking magazine (which name slips my mind but I’ll post later), which stated that Facebook can be bad if you’re a someone applying for a job. It stated that many employers now search candidates on Facebook to get more of a personal impression of their potential future employee. If they see nothing but pictures of excessive drinking, stories of certain unfavourable events, or other “image harming” information, they will use this information in their hiring decision. Even if you don’t submit these pictures, if a friend of yours tags you in their photos, it will show up on your Facebook.
    So the question is, how can we monitor what goes in our facebook. Do we spend the rest of our lives avoiding photos, in the case that a picture will be put on Facebook of you doing something less then civilized?
    I’ll leave it at that because again, my post is extremely long. I’ll try and work on this in the future.


  3. kmurnaghan Says:

    Right now I have been looking for my next horse and to be honest, some horses and people can be “fake”. I use Google to look up peoples names and horses to tell me if they really do exist and it really helps. Google can tell you just about everything and anything about a person although turning things around makes things a little bit scary. As Dave has mentioned, you can find out where people live, who they are friends with, where they work and etc. Yes, it can be favourable when buying horses to know who you are dealing with but personally, I don’t want people knowing me and much as I know myself..

  4. mellaz Says:

    A personal blog is personal and should be viewed by family only (why?) Personal blogs involve emotions, who else beside your parents, siblings or best friends knows you better. I do understand feelings are universal but is it helpful to publish personal issues on the web?

    Example: committing an affair and feelings guilty about it afterwards, how blogs helps? what if the husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend find a blog post discussing the affair, she or he will end up in a divorce or break-up battle.

    At this point I am neither against or supportive of personal blogs.

    I like to comment on Dave’s post regarding facebook, I personally do not trust facebook selling personal information on the web without your permission, read their terms of use ( for the reason my profile has fake name, no address or any personal information that would be useful to anyone, what upsets me the most recent applications add-ons to your profile, I find it annoying and useless!


  5. davecanvin Says:

    I think this is going to become a major issue in the next few years. The power of the Internet is opening up everyones lives for the world to see, and unfortunately I don’t think many people realize this.

    Facebook is a great example, you literally have your life on there….. your interests, your job, personal photos, messages from your friend, for really anybody in your “network” to see. One nasty story, a friend of mine had some random guy from Toronto join the Charlottetown network so he could view her profile and send her messages. Not cool at all, needless to say she now has her account set to Private only. It is also becoming an issue in the workplace, with potential employers checking out recruits profiles. Don’t get me wrong, I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to having my information on my profile…. I just think the public needs to be better educated on privacy issues, because with the way technology is evolving it will likely cause alot more problems in the future.

  6. jencampbell Says:

    I found this reading to be particularly interesting and the comments to follow as well. There is no right or wrong answer to his question of how personal should a blog be; it’s all about individual opinions. With myself not being too familiar with writing on blogs or reading them on regular basis until this class, I have come to the personal conclusion that these blog post are about equivalent to a diary. In the sense that a blog is a diary of your thoughts and not usually of your actions. In saying that, those who write in a diary, usually don’t want randoms picking it up for casual reading. It is up to the blogger to decide if they want to post something as personal as a death in the family or even an affair mentioned above in Z’s comment. When writing the post you know that virtually anyone who wants to read it, can and will. So if you want to post your feelings about something really private and you want the world to know, feel free and do it, but once you hit that post button, it is out there for the world to see.
    In referring to Dave Mckenna’s post, I find that ridiculous and very unprofessional for employers to search facebook to further view their job candidates. Your personal life is separate from your work life, and things that you do outside the job shouldn’t be held against you in the workplace or in the hiring process. That is one of the reasons I try my best not to divulge any of my personal information on the web, because I have come to terms that it can be viewed by most.

  7. romizuddin Says:

    This is a good article about the blog. At first I was introduced about the blog couple of years back when I was doing computer science courses. I had to create an own blog for our project. I like the blog because no one has to send any email to the groupmate. You just have to post in blog whatever you have to say. As well as other groupmates can read the posts and leave a reply.

    I think it is one of the controversial arguments for both sides that should the blog more personal or not? Now days peoples tend to upload their recent photos or videos from their parties or celebrations. Sometime people get stunned when they discovered their videos in the internet ( i,e.,, ) which are basically captured by hidden camera. Here, it could be another argument that “Should bolggers need to be more cautious to their topics?”.

    But I like the idea about blogging because it gives you the opportunity to connect with the world. It allows you to describe yourself to others as well as to know other peoples. “The more you are blogging more you know others”.

    More about the blog:

    Use blogs as a career tool for becoming super-connected

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