About Jen

January 11, 2008

 Hey, my name is Jennifer Campbell, but almost everyone calls me Jen (with one n definitely not two). I’ve lived in Charlottetown my whole life, all 20 years, it will be 21 in March. I graduated from Colonel Gray High School and decided to give UPEI a try. I enrolled in sciences first year, and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me, so I switched into business and haven’t looked back since. I am currently in my 3rd year in the business program and I am also involved in the co-op program in which I hope to gain experience with HR, PR or marketing.

My typical day is usually filled with the sick amount of schoolwork we have this year, working at DVA, volunteering at the QEH or procrastinating (which I am exceptional at).

When it comes to technology, I am not the greatest, by any means. I know your basic knowledge that I learned from IT and MIS courses at UPEI. I’m a hug fan of Google, I know how to work My Space, Facebook and those type programs but I have no interest in using them, there is something about people knowing everything about you, which creeps me out. I enrolled in this course as an elective but I am looking forward to learning all the different types of technology that we plan on learning in this course. 


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