About Katelyn

January 11, 2008

Good Afternoon,                               My name is Katelyn Murnaghan. I’m from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I’ll be 21 years of age in April (wow..that sounds weird) and I’m in my third year of Business at the University of Prince Edward Island. After I finish my BBA here in PEI, my goals are to be accepted into the University of South Carolina in order to do my Masters in Criminology. Idealy, I would like to have a career in Profiling. Unfortunately, here in Canada there are very few Profilers so I would most likely have to reside in the States.

I have chosen The Univeristy of South Carolina because they have an excellent equestrian show jumping team, not forgetting to mention an excellent Criminology program! Being an equestrian, the maritimes tend to limit your goals. Fortunately, the states seem to LOVE candian equestrians..

My hobbies are show jumping and snowboarding. I sold my horse just over a month ago and have been looking for a new partner (horse) during that time so I haven’t been doing too much in the way of exercise lately! Selling a horse is like selling a child..it’s extremely hard to do. I’ll give you an example as to why I sold my horse. Say you have a car, and you really love that car but you want to go faster. Well if you would like to go faster, you have to buy one with a faster engine and etc. I guess you could modify the car but this would be much easier..and you can’t make a horse more athletic, which was my problem. I wanted to do the higher more difficult jumps and on the plus side, a friend of mine offered to buy her from me. I know where she’s going and what kind of care will be given to her. I couldn’t have asked for more!!
Snowboarding is tons of fun although it’s hard to find someone to go out into the cold and join. The more the merrier.

I think that’s really all about me..it’s a lot or boring stuff!


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