Clarification on this week’s assignments

January 11, 2008

Hi folks:

I’ve received a few emails asking some questions about assignments, expectations, etc. so I thought I should clarify.

1) please login to WordPress and complete your profile. First name, last name, nickname, “display name as”, add a picture, IM accounts if you have AIM, Yahoo or Jabber/Gtalk. Also, please copy and paste your “About Me” post into the “About the User” profile.

2) Write your “About Me” post. Please categorize it as “About Us” and tag it with the phrase “about me” and “your name”. So far I have posts from David, Dave, Z, Nancy, Imran, Mitch, and Jerry. For these 7 posts, I have gone in and categorized as “About Us”. We’re missing 6 About Me posts.

3) Ensure you are subscribed to the Required Reading list. I have been posting these in individual posts (categorized as “Required Reading”). So far there are 7 feeds, including the two (posts and comments) for our blog. I will continue to add to the list as we go on. Please let me know if you are having trouble ading these feeds. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you have them.

4) Write your weekly post using the feeds as topics and ideas. Remember, you can post on an individual story or a theme you’re seeing through the week. Please categorize these posts as “student posts.” So far we only have two posts: one from Mitch and one from Jerry.

5) Read Wikinomics, intro and chapter 1. Please come prepared for a detailed conversation on this. I need your participation in class to make this work. Come with at least one well-considered comment or observation and one good question (and bring more if you have them).

I think that’s it. Email me with questions. See you Monday.


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