About Me

January 12, 2008

About Me
Good Morning all, my name is Tony Elliott and I’m a 3rd year Business student. I’m a little bit older than the rest of the class, 38 to be exact. I’m married and have a beautiful daughter who is 22 months old (Hannah) and my wife (Michelle) and I are expecting another addition to our family within the next couple of months, due date is March 11. I’m striving on completing my Business degree, minoring in IT and hope to attend convocation in May 2009.
  I am originally from Newfoundland and moved to PEI in the summer of 2000 and currently reside in Stratford. I have been transformed into a golf junkie however last summer I was only able to golf 4.5  rounds of golf, quite a difference from the 80-100 I normally golf and with another child coming soon I suspect my golfing days will be quite limited for the next couple of years until I can get them involved. I do spend a lot of time on the computer but for personal interest and doing research. I do subscribe to Facebook but use it very infrequently. I currently use MP3 rocket to download my music. I have no experience with RSS but I am looking forward to using this because I am always using Yahoo to catch up on the latest in Technology (especially electronics) and world news. This is going to be a very interesting course and looking forward to our class time together so can learn things from each other.


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