Microsoft may have the last laugh on HD-DVD

January 12, 2008

After reading Scoble’s post on the latest technological war between Toshiba’s HD-DVD(Microsoft) and Sony’s Blu-ray. It appears Microsift was throwing their weight(plus the 150 million dollars each alleged to have changed hands to woo Universal and Paramount) to the HD-DVD supporters. However last week before the CES last week in Las Vegas, Warner dropped a bombshell and announced that they were going to switch support in favor of Blu-ray exclusively. This caused Toshiba to cancel their press conference last Sunday and was mentioned very little in Bill Gates last opening speeech at CES. IMHO I don’t think Microsoft was really wholeheartedly supporting Toshiba, they(Bill) always appears to be ahead of everyone else and could see theat the future would be with digital downloads. If they were a staunch supporter they would have a contingency plan if something like this happened and would have tried to keep Warner on the fence to prolong this further so they could be the one to offer this world wide. Although there are still some concerns with the download speed, price and the ability to make a backup copy have to be addressed. I believe that the XBOX already provides the ability to download movies. Although I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and declared Blu-ray the winner, I own a PS3. Oh well, I hope I picked the right side but who knows a few years down the road HD movies may  die the death like so many other before it such as; vinyl, 8 – track (for those who know what that is), casette, cd, VHS(who remembers the loser Beta) and DVD. Technology advances so quickly and there is always something out there that makes previous mediums obselete, just the nature of the beast that we know as technology.


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