About me

January 13, 2008

Hey ya’ll, my name is Sofonyas Neguse and I’m 21.  I was born and raised in Ethiopia and moved to Canada three years ago when my parents came for a visit and decided to stay. When I first moved here I didn’t knew anybody so I spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer. This habit grew in me now I can’t go for a day with out spending sometime on the computer.  It’s not a bad habit so I’m not complaining.  

Right now am doing a business major and a minor in economics. Though I’m majoring in business, there is something about information technology that interest me to the point that makes me want to change my major but I guess its  too late for that.  

I have a desktop computer at home and I don’t remember the last time it was off. I visit facebook as if it was my home page and I also have a MySpace account but I hardly ever use it.  I’m not a music junky but downloading music and movies are also something I tend to do on a daily base using a bit torrent client named Shareaza . This application also allows me to download other stuff from web blogs.

Prior to taking this course, I thought I knew lots about computers, but now this course made me realize otherwise, so there goes my confidence. Thanks a lot Dave.


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