January 14, 2008

Well my name is Thomas Allan Godfrey, I am 24 years old and a 4th year Business student at UPEI. I graduated Souris Regional High School in the summer of 2000, and enrolled into Automotive Technology at Holland College here in Charlottetown that fall. I graduated in the summer of 2002 and worked in the field, becoming a red seal recognized technician, and finally putting my wrenches away in the fall of 2004 to return to school.

I love technology and gadgets, this would be the main reason that this course is such an interest to me. I like to be up-to-date on new information, and new sources of information. I am more familiar with PC’s, but have used MAC’s before. I am currently looking into purchasing a MAC laptop.

My hobbies are cars, music, traveling (though I haven’t had the opportunity to do much, yet), and photography. Cars are perhaps the biggest interest in my life, and I am a member of a local car club, as well as a moderator on our website. www.lowmotion.org.

I am looking forward to all this course can teach me, even though I can not make it to class tonight, guess I’ll have to get Dave to send me the topics covered and will look them up before next class so that I am up to speed.


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