Should the Web be censored?

January 14, 2008

I recently searched wikipedia to gain some knowledge about the internet, how it was originated, when, and its growth rate when I came across some information about internet censorship.  At first I believed that only immoral websites are banned, and rightly so.  I never could or would have thought that governments restrict websites from displaying views about the political situation or political parties on the internet.  In addition to outright filtering of information through softwares that filter domains (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia), there is also indirect filtering that occurs.  A report on BBC states that various governments (such as France, Germany) have asked Google to remove web sites from their search results (such as information about the Holocaust, etc) or face legal action.  BBC conducted a search session of various terms in the US, France, and Germany to find out that Google in US revealed more search results for the various items searched.  In todays world, we talk about democracy and freedom of speech in one breath.   However, it is sad to see how these governments themselves restrict our fundamental right – freedom of speech.  In all fairness, I believe that governments might restrict access to keep us away from views that could lead to chaos.  But this seems highly unlikely to me since all the web surfers are fairly literate and can easily comtemplate which information to discard and which to accept.  “Web 2.0” – the power of it lies with the user’s contributions.  Therefore, filtering of information is not helping the web but destroying it.  Anyways, felt like sharing this information since I thought that censorship was only been done to non-web based media and the web was left alone, but i was wrong!


3 Responses to “Should the Web be censored?”

  1. kmurnaghan Says:

    I think it’s terrible that the web is becoming so “real”. I mean, censoring things like News on the web just seems well..wrong. But I guess that that just tells us how much the Web is becoming a more casual way for communication and all…it just seems weird.

  2. drmike Says:

    Um, you’re using a blogging service that’s well known for censoring their endusers.

  3. David McKenna Says:

    Wow, we actually got a comment from someone outside the class. Blogging is cool!!

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