Adapting to the Internet

January 17, 2008

The blog called “Vestiges”http:// by Seth Godin was very interesting to read – many vaild points were made.The internet has created a lot of jobs, but at the same time it has eliminated a lot of jobs.   EMI http://  is facing about 2000 job cuts because of the digital environment that has been created. It could be argued that these jobs could have been saved by adapting quicker to the digital environment in todays world. Which I think is quite possible to do. But in the end it is EMI’s business and they can run it the way they want. From this article Seth goes on to say that  “the production values of an HD TV show are lost in the YouTube environment, yet plenty of studios and advertisers are having trouble giving up the staffing and hierarchy that served them so well in the other medium.” It would be hard to let employees go who have been with your company for years. There might be easier ways to get the work done with the changing technology, but loyal employees who have been with you for years are usually a main priority.Some businesses mind find it hard to make the switch over to new models, and start a new model. Ex. If you are a company that has had 15 employees since you first opened, you would probably find it hard to let a few employees go because of a new computer program that came a long that could do those employees work for free. Although the models might change, businesses are all on the hunt for profit.The internet has made it easier for businesses to get running. By letting them set up a server, blog, and wiki costs can be saved as discussed in Chapter 2 of Wikinomics.  One of the main things I think Seth was trying to get across was no matter how much marketing done, the old model reflects the new model in some way.Mitchell Watts


3 Responses to “Adapting to the Internet”

  1. Tasia Says:

    Our changing work environment to a technology based is definitely hurting some businesses. But too think of how many jobs have been created for people by the use of the internet, like! People have to adapt to these new changes just like the businesses in order to survive the compeitive job market. Our generation, the so-called “Net-Gen” from chapter 2 of Wikinomics, is likely not to have much trouble adapting since this is what we have been brought up on. However our real competition will be the generation that follows us! They have been emersed in technology since birth, and most are being brought up using it (ie Webkinz toys). Who knows what kinds of ideas and inventions they will form.

  2. wattsy Says:

    I agree, the internet has created many new jobs.
    Ex. Call centers, online shopping web sites, and many search engine web sites. The next generation will have a lot of competition. There will be a lot of technology created in the next generation. Technology that will make some people very wealthy.

  3. davecanvin Says:

    If you actually worked out the statistics I think that the Internet’s job creation has off-set the loss of jobs it has caused. Take Google for example…. they have 16,000 employees alone, and I am sure there are many more companies like them.

    On the online shopping side of things, take a look at a company like Indigo. As they made the transition online there would have to be lots of jobs created to handle the logistics of the operation. (Customer service call center, warehouse, IT administration) etc.

    While it may seem the Internet is ruining jobs, I think overall it will be actually creating more than people think.

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