Customers – An Asset to any firm

January 17, 2008

I was reading Seth’s Blog and the article “Customers that Care” caught my eye.  To be frank it was the last line that summed the whole article for me, “If no one cares, you’ve got trouble. Goal one is getting people to care. Goal two: listening to them.”  I have worked at a few retail stores and I understand totally what he meant by that.  Majority of the time it is our regular customers who recommend or complain about things.  Maybe because they consider us to be their store or they simply “care” for us.  Restating Seth, we would have to get the customers to care.  This could be achieved by a culture that fosters customer service which as any culture has to culminate from the top of the organization.  A culture is learned the most from senior management of a firm.  The moment you walk into the organization you could easily sense their culture and their emphasis on customer service.  Walking into futureshop might be different than walking into Canadian tire for example.  A strong culture wouldnt be a burden on employees to adhere to but would be considered a routine and the employees would simply be courteous since it would be “the right thing to do.”  Another aticle on this subject if you wish to read is  Culture is just one component of improving customer service I think.  However, these are my points of view with some research however we shall move to the second point of Seth’s article.  Listen Listen Listen to your customers.  Again all this was described in the last line of his article – sometimes a few words could mean a lot more.  Ever explained your problem or asked the salesperson at some store a question – later you find they just nodded proving he/she was dreaming and did not care to listen.  Anyways which organization according to you does not have customer service as one of its cultural values?

Imran Khan


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