Music in China

January 18, 2008

From last week last week reading Seth Godin’s blog “Music Lessons” and while navigating Chris Anderson blog I found “China: the future of free? “ Which kind of ties to Seth ‘s post.

Some add-ons we forgot to talk about during our discussion last week on “Music Lessons” how the new music industry is reforming? Here are few facts about music in China today:

Sale of music is via ringtone market, which generated $1.5 billion in revenues for China Mobile this year.


The other big winner in digital music is Baidu, the search engine that has defeated Google in China. Baidu is the place to go for free music search!

There is very little Long Tail effect in Chinese music.

The indie music scene is also very small.

So how musicians make money in China?

Musicians in China get a small cut from their ringtone sales and mostly from corporate and promotional appearances, few concerts, and some endorsements for advertisement and the Day Job.

In near future, the CD business will no longer exist so I ask my fellow musiciansartists to wake-up and start looking at investing their music in similar ideas to China Mobile and Baidu, as a fact they are making around $2 billion a year indirectly from music but will it reach all artist? And makes wonder if musicians in North America get a cut off ringtones sales from phone providers (Rogers Communication, TELUS and Bell)?



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