Competition! It Sucks Doesn’t It

January 19, 2008

The post was

Encyclopedia salesmen hate wikipedia…

And CNET hates Google
And newspapers hate Craigslist
And music labels hate Napster
And used bookstores hate Amazon
And so do independent bookstores.

Dating services hate Plenty of Fish
And the local shoe store hates Zappos
And courier services hate fax machines
And monks hate GutenbergApparently, technology doesn’t care who you hate.As stated in a comment of mine to Tasia’s post about Music Lessons, a company that refuses to change the way things are will lose business. There has always been competition in the market place, but now when the competition is something digital, firms are starting to call foul. Of course you’re going to hate your competition, if I was competing against another class mate for marks and only one of us could receive those marks then yes I would hate to see them get the marks and not me. Competition makes the economy healthy, and if companies refuse to compete than they will be left behind.

Many companies today are finding it very hard to make the change from the “way it use to be” to becoming a more digitally based firm. I believe that most companies do not realize just how easy and cheap it is to become part of the online community. Many small businesses see it as hiring a computer savvy employee, and allowing a great deal of time for a website to be made at a great cost to the company, and feel that the small sales they will gain from it will never out weigh the costs. In actual fact it is more likely that a small company has more to gain from online commerce than do the larger companies. A small company situated in little PEI can build a global website as easily as a retail giant such as Wal-Mart. Wal Mart is already recognized and has an established clientèle and can survive on consumers coming through the doors of their buildings. The little company on PEI may not have the available customers to make a go of it without the online community. No one outside of the residents of the island would know about the little company, until they made a website. The same is true, that the company would not be able to know what kind of global market is out there for their product until they made it available online.

I strongly believe that for any business to be successful today it must have a portion or all of their items or services available. I know that some businesses that only want to stay small can survive without being on the Internet, but if a firm really wishes to grow than the web really is the only way.

In closing I just want to repeat the fact that competition is a way of life and that any business that can not handle a little competition, and that is capable to adapt to compete will be left behind in the dust of the companies who can and will.



4 Responses to “Competition! It Sucks Doesn’t It”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    I agree Thomas. One think I hear so much is that the Internet is ruining small business, and it is making it difficult for them to succeed. I think that these small business owners are being too reluctant to change with the times.

    In this day of age, as you said, it is so easy to get online. Companies like Yahoo even offer low-cost software packages to open an online store to sell online. Business owners must realize that this is the way our society is going, and they can either make the necessary adjustments, or be left in the dust.

  2. romizuddin Says:

    Competition is naturally exits in every situation. But competition might be good for young people which motivate them more or less. Yeah, competition sometime bring to us ugly behavior to us. For example, if we look at tennis tournament there are lots of teen ages compete with the adults. So, is it an ugly side of competition or motivate young star to beat adults?

  3. wattsy Says:

    I agree with your post Thomas. Small companies can build web sites that can be recognized around the world. Vesseys is a good example of this. This company from PEI is now recognized in many countries around the world because of the internet. People from many countries are shopping on this web site to get flower bulbs, gardening products etc..
    The internet is a powerful tool to get your business recognized around the world. Many people are chosing to take there time shopping online, instead of going shopping in busy stores.

  4. Jean Wright Says:

    Love your comments-who hates Zappos? Just to make sure your ideas are valid, have you one million to invest? If so, please respond.

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