The Problem with Perfect

January 19, 2008

The reading “The problem with perfect”, by Seth Godin, got me thinking that he is completely right in my opinion. First of all nothing in life is perfect so if something is advertised as just that, you expect the best and wont be satisfied with anything less. Dissatisfactions leads to complaints, that usually wouldn’t have been brought up in the first place had there been no hype. When there is hype created around something, and you get your hopes up, it is never nearly as good as you expect it. It is almost better going into something not being educated on what you are doing so there wont be room for let downs. You cant expect anything if you don’t know what to expect.

Another good point mentioned in Godin’s post is that you only notice something when someone screws up. Most people are blind to perfection, and when something is done close to perfect, it will remain unnoticed until something goes wrong and then you have something to compare the perfect to.

And we all have learned at one point or another in our lives that it is much easier to find faults in others than to find them in yourself. Hence, if we have a bad experience somewhere, someone is going to hear about it, as oppose to having a good experience and no one will hear about it because perfection was expected.

Finally Godin replaces the word “perfect” with the expression “interesting” because it is in fact obtainable and creates good word of mouth. But in my opinion a word that would create word of mouth would be Unexpectedness. If you don’t know what to expect than you can’t be let down because you didn’t expect anything in the first place.

 ~Jen Campbell


3 Responses to “The Problem with Perfect”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I also agree with how it seems lately that society is striving for perfection. Another type of perfection which is frequently mentioned in the media are celebrities. That’s all that is mentioned in today’s celebrity gossip columns; who’s got a new fasical feature, who’s anorexic, who’s loss weight etc etc. But if the people which are shown frequently as “perfect” are the celebrities with the “perfect” bodies, no wonder this problem has become widespread with teenagers too!

  2. mellaz Says:

    Good point Tasia media has big influence on people and the new N-Gen growing around the internet and TV will take pop starts and celebrities as a role model of perfect ,, In my eyes, none of them are perfect !

    Also, the nature of human beings of not accepting any complaints make us a problem with perfect.

  3. romizuddin Says:

    We awaken to the fact that we are not perfect and nothing is perfect. There are always better products introducing which are better than before. However, perfection is business choices which are companies have to make.

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