Boy is getting an ear full

January 22, 2008

Ha Ha just kidding, but I thought after the discussion in class today I could post up a few things I have noticed and my thoughts. Personally when I sat there in the first class I thought I had made a mistake by signing up for this class, I thought it was completely over my head and would be something I just wouldn’t be able to follow. After I got home from the first class I did some searching to what all the acronyms meant and a little background on some of the technologies. I started to feel a little bit more comfortable with the idea of Networking, Knowledge and the Digital Age. To be honest I really did not think this course would be this technical and this deep into the topics, i know we could go a lot deeper but I didn’t think we would go as deep as we are. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m quite happy with what we are doing now that I understand it a little better.

As for the material we are covering I think it’s a very good balance of technology and “skills”/”tools” that we can use personally and that we can also relate to our business degrees. I don’t think I would ever get into blogging, I had a my own blog awhile back and pretty much got sick of it after a few months, just not for me I guess. I found the RSS feeds particularly useful, for a lot of different uses. I am currently looking to replace the engine and transmission in my winter car and I have used the RSS feeds for local classifieds to keep an eye on them, and that way I will be notified quicker. I do the same and have bought most of my parts for my summer car/toy and love the deals that I can find. I also use it to keep up on sports scores and it has served as a great reminder to why I don’t watch hockey anymore, being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan it gets rather depressing. I like blogs like this for if you were planning a project or had a rather small group you wanted to keep track of and I will most likely use this in the future for business related projects, or for projects and planning for the car club. As for the other things we have learned about I am not really interested in them . . . . yet. I personally don’t like Flikr, most likely won’t use the other blogs we were shown today. I don’t use bookmarks either so is not much good to me. But it is still very interesting to have the information to pass onto others.

I think this course is going to be interesting all the way through, at first I thought reading the blogs was a little overwhelming and too much work, but I think I got the hang of scanning through them to see what is relevant to my interests and what would be worth reading in detail. I think I’ll enjoy it, but really have no idea what direction it should take, I don’t have the knowledge currently to decide what I want to learn more about, more or less I’m just along for the ride and will learn what I’m taught, if something really interests me and we don’t cover it in detail I’ll look into it myself or ask for more information. Hope this helps a bit.



3 Responses to “Boy is getting an ear full”

  1. David McKenna Says:

    Well, speaking about, I’ve just created an account there but don’t know any good websites to put on it! Any suggestions?

  2. Tasia Says:

    Haha, I just did the same thing with…I used to have an account, but didn’t use it that much so I just made a new one. I’m probably going to use it just for music and maybe school junk. Dave, if you like anything about the movies and entertainment in general is a great source of information. It’s a wiki-type of site, but the amount of information available is intense. Basically every movie and TV show ever filmed is on the site. That’s how I’m keeping track of this whole Heath Ledger suicide thing. P.S. the next Batman is going to be ridiculous!!!

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