IPod Touch a letdown!?!

January 22, 2008

I don’t’ understand why people get all psyched up to get the iPod Touch for $399 considering the fact it lucks half capacity of a similar-sized  iPod Classic or iPod Nano provides.  And the $399 is only for a 16GB of flash memory, which happens to be the biggest you can get in this iPod model. This iPod looks exactly like an iphone but lacks some features like bluetooth and camera that iphone carries. It’s a bit hard to compare the IPod Touch with the classic one since it is made in an Iphone model. Though the iPod Touch neither looks nor acts anything like a traditional iPod, it does perform iPod functions. Fred touches this topic on his blog (A VC) roughly and gives about five reasons why he doesn’t like this iPod model.  He mentions few very simple letdowns and fails to go deeply to technical problems and so do I for I don’t own the gadget. But few deal breakers that Fred left unmentioned that I think worth mentioning are: missing edge, mail, link sharing, notes, calendar, bluetooth, volume buttons, maps, weather, stocks, a dock, or a built-in camera, also recently few owners of the IPod been crying foul over a display issues, though apple clamed that the issues are due to defective screens.

I don’t mean to hate but I just don’t see the reason of cloning a gadget with lesser features. Maybe it’s because I can’t get passed that price but I sure don’t think it’s worth buying an IPod Touch over the Iphone.



4 Responses to “IPod Touch a letdown!?!”

  1. imrankha Says:

    First of all to add more fire to your observation. Ipod touch (16gb) costs 449.99 dollars in Canada (futureshop). If you compare this with a nano or classic – I prefer the touch however I recently bought a nano – Wont spend $450 for a “mp3” player. This has wifi and this has the power of touch 🙂 However, if you compare this to an iphone – touch I consider would be a total waste of money. Get an iphone with all the touch features plus camera etc for a little more but well worth it I beleive.

  2. davecanvin Says:

    They are kind of pricey…. but if you hack the thing supposedly they are awesome because you can add other applications.

  3. Md Romiz Uddin Says:

    Compare it to the other ipods, it is very expensive (more than $400). It is less useful that other iPods because capacity is not good as well as low battery. Also good quality video showing that the touch screen problems. Just check this video

  4. wattsy Says:

    I think that that is very big price for an iPod Touch. $399 seems like quite a bit. The iPod Nano does a good job for an MP3 player for me, and it is a lower price. However there would be a lot more features on the iPod Touch, but it seems very expensive.

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