Fred Wilson Benefits from OpenSource and Kindness

January 23, 2008

I just finished reading Fred Wilson’s blog entry on how he made a second blog, at, that would be used for his mp3 and picture entries. The result of him making this switch upset a lot of people because it meant that they would now have to view two blogs instead of one.

One of Fred Wilson’s readers, known as Daryn, came to Fred’s rescue by creating a simple JavaScript application that would fit on the right column of Fred’s original blog, and would give the option of playing the mp3’s that Fred had added to his new blog. This meant that readers that only wanted to read one blog could go to his original blog and still listen to his mp3 entries for his second blog.

I think this relates to what we have looked at in class. Daryn uses his own spare time, using OpenSource software to create an application that bettered Fred Wilson’s weblog. He did this requiring nothing in return besides the recognition and pride of displaying his work and making life more convenient for his fellow reader. This leads somewhat into Chapter 3 of Wikinomic’s which my group will be presenting in class, and hopefully we will have more discussions on the benefits of OpenSource software there.


David McKenna


One Response to “Fred Wilson Benefits from OpenSource and Kindness”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I actually really like what Fred has done with his blog, the separation is an unique idea. If you just want the MP3s of the day, one blog is available for it. But I can understand why some of his loyal readers may fret with the separation, but the fact that Daryn created something to better Fred’s blog was really thoughtful. It’s not like Fred asked for someone to solve this minor issue. It just goes to show the type of considerate relationship which can be develop between a blogger and his readers.

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