McDonalds Actually Giving Food Away For Free?!

January 24, 2008

I found the post by Chris Anderson to be quite surprising. While I realize that it costs McDonald’s close to nothing to make an ice cream cone, it was hard for me to “digest” the fact that they were giving ice cream cones out for free because of the fact that the Indonesian’s had lactose problems. I also found it facinating that once McDonald’s decided to give these ice cream cones out for free, the Indonesian people became tolerant to ice cream (after awhile). I feel that it was a smart choice on behalf of McDonald’s. On top of this, they must make a heck of a lot of money on ice cream cones!

-Kate 🙂


6 Responses to “McDonalds Actually Giving Food Away For Free?!”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    This post makes me hungry….

    But yes I agree, definitely smart and innovative marketing. It is kind of like Microsoft and the Xbox, they sell the console for a loss but then make their money later on when people buy the games and accessories.

  2. imrankha Says:

    Good long term thinking by McDonalds. Give free ice cream now and make them your customers for life. Good strategy that proved successful for them. Great!

  3. Md Romiz Uddin Says:

    Yeah, it was a very smart marketing decision by McDonald.

    Check out the advertisement 🙂

  4. wattsy Says:

    It definitly is a good way to bring customers back to your restaurant by giving out free ice cream. I found it interesting how McDonalds is redesigning some of there restaurants to make them more appealing with fireplaces, flat screen tvs, etc. This might bring in new customers who want a different atmosphere when eating.

  5. mellaz Says:

    I had a junior chicken last night but I paid for it “I hate MacDonalds”. Charlottetown MacDonlads should giveaway free hot-chocolates instead of ice-cream during this year of coldest winter. Anyone, was able to figure out the song words in English? All I understood “batoooooooooooo!”

  6. agelliott Says:

    I would have to agree, very shrewd marketing ploy by Macdonald’s, next thing you know they will be introducing coffee to compete with Starbucks. They want to be the next Walmart of restaurants.

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