How much for Digital?

January 26, 2008

Another week has gone by and there is still little news, I guess its’s back to Seth’s blogspace and the talk about digital downloads. Currently there are a few businesses that provide movie downloads. Apple has just recently joined this venture along with  Netflix, Amazon’s Unbox and CinemaNow Inc. and Time Warner will also offer this service through HBO.

Although this type of service is growing rapidly ,there are some questions about the the time it requires to download the movies and how long you can view the movie. Right now it requires about one gigabyte of storage space and a fast internet connection, preferably a cable connection over DSL. Prices vary with each company but for the most part it costs about $3-$5 per movie. This price seems a little high considering they don’t have to pay for labour costs, advertising and the other costs associated with a retail store. I agree with Seth that offering them for free would not be the way to go for the industry, however offering them for a minimal charge would definately curb the desire for pirating. This was mentioned in Wattsy’s post earlier this week and I think he hit the preverbial nail on the head. Hollywood still has to make money from the movie industry. Therein lies the question is it better to charge less in hopes of attracting more customers or to charge more in hopes of making more profit? Quantity vs. Quality?


One Response to “How much for Digital?”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I was checking out the prices on Amazon’s Unbox, and some of the movies seem pretty pricey…like $3.99 to rent and from $7.99-upwards to buy new releases. I was trying to check it out, but it only works in the US so far. The directions for downloading the Unbox video player are easily understandable with lots of step-by-step pictures, and the videos are compatible with Creative’s Zen Vision M MP3 player, YAY! that’s what I use haha. Hopefully this will get going in Canada soon enough, it’d be neat to try.

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