How is Facebook hurting your job hunt?

January 27, 2008

I did a bit of research on Facebook and found out that employers search their applicants online and reject job seekers after discovering secrets only their friends knew!

On the other hand, there are ways to use Facebook and blogs to make a job application appealing. Hundreds of students are having their job hunting hopes crashed because of their profile on Facebook. Why? Companies are using google to search candidates and finding hisher profile under the name with pictures from the weekend and unprofessional put on thier Facebook walls. Fortunately, this can be fixed by you using social media to put you ahead of other candidates.

There is a deadly cocktail going on: declining privacy thanks to the Internet is combined with employers who are getting quite savvy at Google. And the result of all this? Students are not getting hired. A survey found 63% of hiring managers have admitted to not hiring someone based on the information they found online.

Companies search their applicants before they come in for an interview or just before an offer to be signed, so they can find out if there is any information a candidate might not have divulged at interview.

Steps to clean-up your Facebook profile:

First, adjust your privacy settings. Facebook, recently allowed profiles to be searched on Google so make sure only your friends can view your page. That is not enough; do you know who all your online friends are? Some employers are using some of your as a trap to sneak up on job candidates online.

Second, Pictures of you with family or doing hobbies are fine but take down pictures of you and your friends drunk on the weekend. Make sure your blog comments and other comments you post present the kind of image you would like to project.

Classmates it is never too late as I mentioned at the beginning of my post hit your privacy settings and delete all your pictures from last night pub crawl 😉



6 Responses to “How is Facebook hurting your job hunt?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Good post, Z. I would suggest using links a bit more. One particular example: when you cite “A survey found 63% of hiring managers …” you should provide a link to where you fond this.

  2. briannecovel Says:

    Great Post! I know when I was hiring, I always looked applicant’s up on facebook and myspace. Now that I’m on the other side of the table (job hunting side) I’m trying to use my blog as a way to site creativity and social networking savvy. In my case I’m brutally honest, but I just think that speaks of my personality in general. Anyhow, great post!


  3. Coach Phil Says:

    Definitely a great post, and proof that people need to be careful with their social networking pages. But don’t be afraid to use Facebook and MySpace… just be careful.

  4. davecanvin Says:

    Good post….

    My Facebook profile wasn’t that “secure” but I made some improvements in the privacy settings. Kind of unfortunate that this technology is potentially being against you in a job hunt. But I guess thats just part of the evolution of technology: there is always disadvantages to go along with advantages.

  5. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    Wow Z! Really good post! I think that people need to be much more aware of how observant the internet has become. My parents are always preaching the importants are being careful on the internet and it never really hit me until recently. You hear a lot of people being scammed and whatnot. As Dave as mentioned, “there is always disadvantages to go along with advantages”.

  6. wattsy Says:

    good post, I made some changes to my security settings a little while ago. Its scary how potential employers can search you on facebook and find out information about you. I think it is important for people to be educated about using services such as Facebook, and MySpace.

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