I’m Guilty

January 27, 2008

While reading Seth’s post on “Bad Judgment” I have to admit I’m quite guilty of this and I think we all are from time to time. As I’ve mentioned before I help moderate one of the online communities that I’m part of and I really have to step back and try to see the post that someone makes from the point of view of the poster themselves. I have to understand why they made a post that I feel the need to delete/edit/flag/report. Once I see this angle or think I do, I try to talk it out with the member of the site, most times it works, and of course some times people just like to be difficult, that is where the powers of removing people from the site come in quite handy. But this can be a great way to approach marketing as well as many other business problems.

In marketing it is an asset if you can understand your customers and more importantly why they react the way they do to your product. If you can understand your consumers personally I think you can rule the market. While I don’t think anyone can perfectly understand their consumers, marketers and developers must make an attempt to understand as best they can.

This also comes in handy in business situation where a conflict or disagreement arises, where a lot of time can be saved if we step back and try to see it from the other person’s point of view. Instead of arguing your point try to find out the basis that they have for making theirs. Perhaps you or the other party are misunderstanding something or maybe you are closer in your views than it appears and you just have different ways of expressing it.

Never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes, so never start a fight until you see their point of view. Some disagreements can not be avoided but you would be surprised the ones that could be quickly resolved if we all tried to understand the opposing party a little more before we stir the pot a little more.



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