You Rarely Get Another Chance to Make a Last Impression

January 27, 2008

In Seth’s blog, “The Last Interaction” I was again extremely interested in the truth of his post, so much so that I thought I had to put something up here. This is an extremely relevant fact to keep in mind when doing business. While the first impression is what gives you the consumers business in the first place, it is your last impression that decides whether you will get their business again. I can’t help but think of Future Shop when I was reading this post. When you go in to buy a product you have multiple salespersons to choose from. However as soon as there is a problem it’s as hard to find someone to help you as it is to find a drink of water in the desert. For this very reason I try to avoid Future Shop as much as possible.

As Seth mentioned you have to carry your excellent customer service through to the very end. Word of mouth is a very powerful device and while it works well when someone is praising a company about a job well done, it works ten times better when someone is complaining. It only takes one complaint to spoil a companies possibilities with a group of potential consumers. So as Seth mentioned it is important to follow up, make sure the customer is happy.

This is especially true now that there are more and more blogs starting every day. Now complaints of praises can reach consumers out side the direct circle of friends of the original customer. Say I start a blog tomorrow, and say that BUS 442 sucks and that no one should ever take this course, whether it is true or not it could affect the future enrollment of this class. If I wrote the opposite and praised the class and Dave then perhaps it will affect enrollment in another direction. This is just another example of how powerful the Internet has become.

I believe this will force companies to become better in their customer service, but I fear it may also hurt firms that do not actually deserve to be criticized. I feel that we as consumers also have a job to do, in that we must sort out the unjustified complaints, and only take the relevant facts into consideration. Much like Wikipedia we have to question the source of the information. If only one person makes a statement it would be hard to judge, but if 20 people make the same statement it would be safe to assume that there is some basis behind the claim.



One Response to “You Rarely Get Another Chance to Make a Last Impression”

  1. mellaz Says:

    There is a lot of pressure put on customer service representatives to keep up with call quality and companies standard for each call. I mean they nail you if you do not end your call with “Thank you for choosing (companies name) !! Rogers Communication gives freedom to their CSR on how to answer\end call with their customers which make them feel more of a human-being not a robot with no complains.

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