January 31, 2008

Well I have to say that I dislike the name of this bookmarking system. When I think if Delicious, I like most people, think of foods like desert. Anyway, this is my complaint with Delicious and I want to ask why they decided on a name like it?

 Anyway, that was an awful beginning but I decided to try out Delicious. On my first attempt, I found it a bit confusing as I am fairly computer illiterate. I left it alone for a few hours in order to think about it and how to approach it for a second time. Anyway, needless to say I am up and running!! I’m pretty excited.. it’s fairy neat although I haven’t added too many bookmarks. I think it’s a great idea especially for a family like mine with four people using one computer 24/7. Not that our computer has been “unfaithful” to us or anything, but just in caseit decides to shut down on us..all of my bookmarks are saved. Even if I travel, they’re still there for my convenience.

It’s really crazy  how much I’m learning about the web in this course. I never knew that things such as RSS feeds existed or Delicious and Innocentive, etc. It’s a great experience although I don’t think that I would use some of it once the course is done. What I can tell you is that I will be using Delicious and I’m having a lot of fun!


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