American Technology Sucks!

February 1, 2008

Wow, I read Scoble’s blog post about Engadget, which is a tech toy creator in China. Some of these toys are unbelievable. I’ve only briefly looked over the Engadget website, but from the three things shown in a video that Scoble showed, I want to know this company better! It seems their technology is greatly outpacing our own. I have been told this is the case, but I cannot believe to what extent. They actually have a pen-like scanner that can read books for you!

I think anyone who has an interest in the latest tech toys (*cough* Tony *cough*) should look into more of what Engadget has to offer.  P.S. They scanner is only $70 US.


7 Responses to “American Technology Sucks!”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    Thats a pretty ludicrous statement…. Sure, Asia’s CONSUMER technology may be more advanced. But look at North American technologies that have been developed:

    -Microsoft Windows/Apple OS X….. Operating systems that are used worldwide by billions.

    -Blackberry…. Developed in Waterloo, Ontario

    -Procter & Gamble, 3M, and GE…. North American companies who have spent billions of dollars on research to develop technologies and products for our everyday use

    Not to mention that many medical technologies used to cure many diseases and things like that were developed in North America.

    I think before you say American Technology Sucks! you really have to think of how broad of a term technology is. While China may be able to make a smaller digital camera for example, does it really matter at the end of the day?

  2. davecanvin Says:

    Oh, and just to clarify Engadget isn’t a manufacturer…. they are a gadget blog.

  3. Tony Says:

    Gee,Dave seems like your coming down with a cold, you should get that looked at. Has for Dave Canvin’s reponse that American Technlogy sucks, I think it sucks when it comes to electronics and to automobiles. Name one top electronic manufacturer that is American, has for automobile manufacturer. That’s a joke, look at all the trouble that Ford and Chrysler are in and GM losing the # 1 automaker in the world to Toyota. Face it they(Asia)are better at producing better quality products at lower costs and thery don’t have to pay the high salaries asscociated with North American employees. All those years that the Big 3 made millions of dollars of the ignorant public. Now the well has dried up and they now have a big obstacle, to overcome the competition.Remember when the comment was that this insert Big 3 car was made on Monday or Friday. Referring to the employees committmnet on quality, may have changed but the negative perception associated with these Big 3 automakers has definately affected their sales for now and probably into the future until they adapt some of the concepts that was introduced by Juran to Japan after World War 2.

  4. Sofonyas Says:

    I have to agree with Tony’s comment here. America’s technology only sucks on certain aspects and china’s products aren’t always the best either. But obviously when it come to making this kind of little gadgets no one can touch the Chinese, specially that little pen scanner was amazing, I wonder how it works.

  5. wattsy Says:

    The North Americans have created great advances technology wise. We might not be near as advanced as the Chinese technology- but we are on leading research in many areas such as the medical field.
    In the highly competitive automobile market its easy to say that Honda and Toyota are two of the top brands in the market. I am not convinced as a consumer to buy an automobile such as a Ford, as my parents have had many problems with Fords in the past. It seems like you can drive on a Honda or Toyota forever with little problems. I think it is important to support automobile markets in our markets but its hard to convince the consumer to switch from a Honda to a Ford if you have had excellent reliability from a Honda compared to bad reliability from a Ford.
    I agree Tony, Asia can produce items at lower cost and lower wages. In North America the wages are much higher. I just think Honda and Toyota have struck a chord with the consumer as many people want environmental friendly vehicles. I know GM, Ford, Crysler are coming out with environmental friendly cars. But Honda, and Toyota are promoting these products more – and researching these areas a lot.

  6. Rob Says:

    Chinese technology can’t even come close to American technology, I would take a Ford, Chevrolet, or Cadillac over a Honda or Toyota anyday. I drive a Chevy truck that’s over 10 years old and still runs fine.

  7. Lisa too Says:

    I googled the business name ‘American Technology’, and came up with this blog which hasn’t much to do with that company.
    Nevertheless, I have to say the company American Technology was purchased from a fella named Norris who was just sort of a screw ball inventor. It has been used by a CIA agent, and his CPA buddy who are both currently on trial by the Federal Government.
    However, the trial isn’t about their real crimes against humanity. Their true crimes are torturing Americans for their inheritances. They have given or let meth amphetamine criminals have this technology to torture unsuspecting individuals with whom their group of CPA’s are targeting. That is what the CIA is about. They are aiming this equipment at

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