The 10 Rules to Blog By:

February 2, 2008

Whether you are a blogger, facebook member or involved in any social networks legal issues apply to you and should always be on you mind. As long as you are publishing any sort of writing on the web it is important to know what is right and wrong. How can you protect yourself against legal risk? Jeff Jarvis mentions ten rules to limiting legal risks on his buzz machine. These simple and well put ten rules will not only help you stay out of court and deal with legal issues but also help you do your task better. The more we know about the rule the easier it would be to get around it and make our job easy.

The 10 rules to blog by:

1.       Check your facts.

2.       Avoid virtual vendettas.

3.       Obey the law.

4.       Weigh promises.

5.       Reveal secrets selectively.

6.       Consider what you copy.

7.       Learn recording limits.

8.       Don’t abuse anonymity.

9.       Shun conflicts of the interest.

10.    Seek legal advice.

Technology makes it incredibly easy to produce and share content nowadays. The result is that information is spreading like fire through social networks, bookmarking sites and blogs. Unfortunately we are talking about both correct and incorrect information. Make sure to check your facts before publishing posts or articles, else you might not only look dumb and misinform and damage other people but also end up in legal crisis




4 Responses to “The 10 Rules to Blog By:”

  1. jencampbell Says:

    Those rules are really plan and simple and they do make sense for the most part but to what extent are these rules inforced? Like does it apply to major blogger like Godin or Jarvis or does it apply to us as well.

  2. Sofonyas Says:

    These rules are credited to Prof. Geanne Rosenberg and Jeff Jarvis and not a governmental authority, so my guess is you won’t necessarily get locked up if you break them. Rather they are to help you stay out of harassment and trouble that comes along with lawsuit. Though these rules aren’t mandatory, yes it does apply to us and every other blogger. For more information you can go to

  3. romizuddin Says:

    I just came across this article The 10 Rules to Blog and I found it very helpful and would be recommended the points listed to anyone who wants to be successful in developing a blog in future.

  4. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    I think that these rules are common sense for everyday surfing and so on. I think that you have to be pretty careful while using the Internet but then again, I am a worry wart! I mean, when you buy something, you usually read the instructions so why wouldn’t you read before you agree? Anyway, it’s just something I usually keep in mind before I carry on.

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