What will Google’s next feat be?

February 2, 2008

Does anyone get annoyed when a new social network is created on the web and then you have to begin the process of adding contacts to this new network from previous social networks? Well some of the A-list bloggers do.

So, yet again, Google has come to our rescue by introducing a new web application which will allow users to integrate their various contacts from other social networks into one application, Social Graph API. (this social graph is partially inspired by FOAF and XFN) The contact importer is definitely an idea with possibilities, and what with the newly announced Microhoo monster, at least Google is still focusing on future potential needs and generating innovative applications. An example at Plaxo gives an idea of what the social graph would show on each user; basically listing what social networks the user is taking part in, ie Facebook, , Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, Flickr…the list goes on. The Social Graph API is a useful application to prevent social networks from overlapping.

Also Google will be making this information available to third party companies who can use the data as they wish, whether tracking how users know each other or what social networking services are being used more often. This way users will be able to make their network connections available during a search or hidden/limited to the viewers.

I believe this new application will prove useful in the future, especially for some social networks which seem to come and go as fads. This will enable users to bring their friends along to all their other social networks, or cut down on separation which may occur when changing social networks.



One Response to “What will Google’s next feat be?”

  1. mellaz Says:

    The difference between Facebook and Google is that on Facebook I already have all of my friends and I am an active user of the website so how is Google going to get people to switch? Should be a fun battle to watch!

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