Yes We Can

February 4, 2008

I was flipping through my google reader when I came across a Post by Jeff Jarvis talking about a music video by  I don’t follow US politics AT ALL, however if I was american I would probably go for Obama.  Maybe this is why I enjoyed this music video. I dunno.But It made me think.  What a great marketing tool.  Music is great to listen to and to have stars like Scarlett Johansson, Jesse Dylan etc…Speeches are usually boring (I find), but putting it in a way that sounds good made me listen to the whole thing.  Could this be a new way for people running for president/prime minister to attract the masses?I don’t think that this mode would be very popular in canada. Not that our artists wouldn’t be this creative, but because most of our politicians are stuffy.  Just try to picture a music video for Harper, or Dion.  Doesn’t really fit.  Maybe this worked so well because Obama has always had some kind of an upper hand on internet publicity (the hot Obama Girl).If politicians focused their efforts on generation Yers, maybe more of this type of publicity would be more popular.  –Jerry 


4 Responses to “Yes We Can”

  1. Dave Says:


    Can you edit the post to include the embedded video?

  2. jblaquiere Says:

    I Tried but it doesn’t seem to work

  3. jblaquiere Says:

    i put it in manually and it seems to work

  4. mellaz Says:

    you should be able to Jerry what browser you using?

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