Larry Lessig

February 5, 2008

Last night we watched Larry Lessig’s great TED presentation and talked for a minute about his presentation style.

This morning, he released a 20 minute video endorsing Barack Obama, using his signature style:

Let’s add Larry Lessig to the required reading list.


5 Responses to “Larry Lessig”

  1. tag1983 Says:

    I actually subscribed to Larry’s Blog, I really liked his presentation. He now ranks up there with Seth Godin in my book.


  2. David McKenna Says:

    I think it’s incredible how he can remember his whole presentation word for word when they are so long. His sentences have to be memorized, because some sentences have 2 or 3 words of it displayed on screen. He can’t change his mind or forget what he was going to say, because then it won’t match the slides. I’m very impressed at his ability to multitask and keep things flowing. I think I’ll probably add his blog too and see if I can actually learn how to make a presentation 😛


    David McKenna

  3. davecanvin Says:

    He definitely has a unique style….

    I think it is effective not only because he is a strong speaker, but because the active visual elements (Powerpoint) keeps the audience interested. That is what I found anyway

  4. romizuddin Says:

    It is unlike any other presentation that I have ever seen. This guy knows how to use Powerpoint to GREAT effect and the screenshots make it very clear.

  5. Tasia Says:

    Since he’s a Stanford Law professor, I wonder if he teaches all his classes like that. He would definitely be a sought after prof, and I would imagine his classes would be packed! I aggree with David M, I don’t know how he can coordinate his presentation style, talk about talent! He would have to memorize every word. I wonder if he ever had any goof-ups, and said something that wasn’t on the screen and got out of sync during a presentation.

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