Linux – The Beauty of Free

February 6, 2008

I was reading the Long Tail by Chris Anderson, and came across an interesting post called The big lie about free.  Most of us have been acustomed to thinking that things we get for free are actually free.  “Whether it’s pop stars or Wall Street analysts, the biggest misconception of  free is that no cost = no value.” This makes a lot of sense because many things that we think are free are not. I was reading Chapter 4 and Linux is an example of this.  Many people put hard work into building this opensource software development.  People put there time, effort, and money through programs that they have bought to create Linux. Another example is downloading movies for free. There is a lot of money put into creating these movies – (paying actors etc.)I found another intesting article regarding people who thought they were getting something free,  but ended up having to pay for what they thought was free.  Someone clicked on an internet ads for a free iPod, and actually had to pay for it. Also a person who clicked on an ad for a free cell phone and never got a free cell phone.I did a bit of reseach on Linux. I have heard many people talk about this open source software.  Even some oversees governments are using Linux.I decided for this post to look into Linux, because I know the basics about Linux, but not much as I want to know  – and it mentions  it throughout our book for class. I found an interesting short article regarding the battle between Apple, Mircosoft, and Linux.  One of the main things I gathered from reading this is there are feuds between the companies regarding programming language. Computer ‘geeks’ are proud of what they have submitted to Linux. Its funny how it costs quite a bit of money to buy Microsoft XP, and Linux is free. I have read a lot of good reviews about  Linux. The main part I like about Linux is that people can contribute to this from anywheres around the world.  One question that I had was if I downloaded Linux could I run windows programs under Linux.  I found out that the answer was that people will most likely have trouble with this, but this are programs that you can download such as Wine to help make it easier.  A lot of people around the world are using this Linux for free – and modifying it.I am using Windows XP at home, and am pleased with it. I was just wondering if anyone uses Linux, or if people would switch over to Linux from Windows – considering Linux is free?Mitchell Watts


8 Responses to “Linux – The Beauty of Free”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    I got bored and loaded up ubuntu (a distribution of Linux) onto my laptop using VMware.

    Definitely an interesting operating system. I think there is a bit of a learning curve to it (like anything though) but I could see myself using it as my everyday OS.

  2. David McKenna Says:

    I don’t think I would ever use Linux on my main computer because I don’t see a point in doing it. If I go to buy a computer, it comes with either Windows or Macintosh on it. I don’t think you can request to have nothing on it, so you wouldn’t be saving any money. I’d pay for a windows or mac, and erase it to put Linux on it, which destroys the point of it being free. The only reason I would do it is if Linux functioned better, and I’ll probably never find that out because I won’t switch unless I know.

  3. wattsy Says:

    Same with me, For me I don’t see the purpose of using Linux if Windows XP is already installed on my computer. I could see how it would benefical for people who build computers and want to install this on the computers. Or if it was better than other operating systems. Also for the fact that it is free. I think there is probably a big loyalty factor involved with people who use Linux. Just like people who are loyal to any other products. Some people might see Linux as the best operating system, as many people are working on it – instead of a specific amount of people who are building Windows operating systems.

    Mitchell Watts

  4. romizuddin Says:

    I think Microsoft is making money because of unfair licensing and its activation policies. Peoples think that they don’t have any other option to switch. So I think Linux could be a good option, because it is free and a reasonable one.

  5. Tasia Says:

    I have a techie friend who uses Linux on her main computer desktop and Mircosoft on her laptop. Before I tried messing around with the Linux one, but since I basically grew up using solely the Mircosoft operating system and am comfortable using it, I have no problem staying with Microsoft. If I had a second computer and was more techie, I may consider trying Linux, just to mess around with it and learn more about the operating system from application.

    Another thing is I’d like to mention something about the Long Tail article regarding nothing being free. The price that we’re paying for digital media, though not monetary, is our time. Music artists or record companies who think we’re scamming them by “stealing” their products without paying for them should be glad that we’re even taking the time to listen to them. There are lots of other artists to listen to, or activities to do in general. So they shouldn’t get all hyped up with this pirating thing, it’s really more like advertising. With the internet streaming so many artists, users become exposed to much more artists than ever before. I know if I download a couple of songs from the internet and then can’t find the rest I’ll just go out and buy the album. Or if an artist is coming out with a new album, who I know always produces a good album, I’ll just go and buy it without considering downloading it. Simple as that.

  6. wattsy Says:

    I think it would be hard to convince people to switch operating systems, if they were use to using the same suite. I wouldn’t mind trying out Linux and seeing what it is like. But for now I think I will stay with Windows XP.

  7. agelliott Says:

    Dave Mckenna, I would have to agree with you, when you buy a new comuter it comes with an OS, I don’t think I would but Linux on there if I already have paid for one. I think that a lot of us use an OS that we are accustomed to and that would be Microsoft or Apple’s OS. which is what Tasia referred to in her comment. I guess we are creatures of habit and it’s not easy replacing something new with something we have grown accustomed to using. This can be said also about the use of digital newsprint for keeping up to date with daily events as mentioned in Katelyn’s post for this week.

  8. rookiecoder Says:

    People do switch to linux because it is free. Yes it is a little bit annoying that you can’t run windows programs on it. But because of the big following, you can get free alternatives that in most cases do the job better!.

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