Withering Newspapers

February 7, 2008

While reading Jeff Javis’s story about the withering newspaper industry, I started thinking about Charlottetown’s newspaper, The Guardian. I don’t feel that The Guardian has been withering away because of the Internet. It’s practically an islander tradition to wake up in the morning and have your breakfast while reading the newspaper – oops..and a Tim Horton’s coffee too!

I realize that newspapers in other parts of Canada and the United States have been hit hard with this online newspaper frenzy which is really too bad. Personally, I enjoy reading paper rather than a computer screen. Reading a newspaper rather than a computer screen is more of an enjoyment to me because I do most of my school work by computer. I think that my parents generation feel the same. Coffee + newspaper = relaxation (or vacation).

If anything, I think that The Guardian has an advantage over the Internet as more people of my parents generation read the paper. In a few years or so, it could be a different story. But as of now, I think that the islands “gossip” has a huge impact on The Guardian because of the fact that very little of it gets on the web…unless it’s big news.

-Kate 🙂


11 Responses to “Withering Newspapers”

  1. David McKenna Says:

    Actually Kate, I tend to disagree. I like to read the Guardian, as well as the Globe and Mail (even though sometimes I don’t have time for it), and instead of buying them I read them online. The Guardian has a fairly active online presence, one where a lot of people comment on articles. I think you can read every article on the web that you can in the paper, with the added benefit of someone being able to comment on the article. In some cases I think its funner to read the comments then the article itself.
    My parents used to get The Guardian, but since I showed them its online for free they tend to read it there instead, and viewing from the amount of comments on some articles, I think a lot of the island is using this method.


    David McKenna

  2. wattsy Says:

    I personally like to read the newspaper straight from the mailbox. I agree with you though David, I like to read newspapers online too. Its convient when you are at school, and you can check the newspaper online – and get current news to the minute. I think though that the actual newspaper will be around for a while yet, as many people like to hold it in there hand and flip through the pages.

    Mitchell Watts

  3. Tasia Says:

    The problem with newspapers, like the Guardian, that come from small communities like Charlottetown is the majority of it’s physical newspaper readers are mainly the baby-boomers. Since digital newsprint is becoming more and more popular now in larger cities, and nation-wide, I believe the physical newspapers may phase out. Not completely, but to an extent. Most newspapers are now avalaible online and this cuts much of their costs associated with printing and distribution. The Net geners use online newspaper, for it’s convience and coupled with physical newspapers from habit and perhaps, tradition. But the generation after them, kids who are growing up completely immersed in the digital age, may end up opting out to using solely the digital newspapers because reading online may end up being what they will be accomdated to in the future. Just a thought 🙂

  4. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    Uh oh! I think I caused a debate!

  5. romizuddin Says:

    I agree with Tasia……I do believe that it will be more like online base newspaper than physical newspaper in next 10-15 years. I think physical newspaper is just an expensive and wasteful way to deliver news and informations.

  6. jencampbell Says:

    For the most part I agree with Kate. It’s a tradition in my house to read the newspaper while eating breakfast and sipping on coffee and if the paper hasn’t been delivered by a certain time people aren’t the least bit pleased. I also volunteer at the hospital information desk and when the patients didn’t get their paper delivered for whatever reason, they aren’t happy about it either, and we received calls from units needing their papers. It is still really important to people, like patients because they don’t have a computer right next to them and it’s the only way to know what’s going on, on the outside. But for people who work in front of a computer everyday, it would be convenient for them to just look the newspaper up on their break. I personally don’t like to read the paper online because it gets delivered to the house and spending too long on the computer really strains my eyes.

  7. agelliott Says:

    I have to agree with Dave, I would rather read it on the computer. It is more convenient without all the garbage(flyers and inserts) that comes with “The Guardian”. As well we are being more environmental conscious by saving trees.

  8. Michelle Says:

    While I read the Guardian on line because I live outside the province, I read both the Globe and Mail and the Sunday New York Times as physical papers. I love accessing all types of newspapers on line, but nothing is more satisfying than curling up in bed with my tea and the paper.

  9. Mark Says:

    When I am away from the island I read the Guardian and Journal on-line to keep connected. When on the island I enjoy a short hop to the local store, talk to “real” people (even with the Internet we are becoming increasing isolated from human contact) to buy the “hardcopy” and thumb through it with a cup of coffee. I get more out of the print version since I don’t have to figure out which links I need to access various sections, but just at Page 1 and go to end….

    I think there are places for all media and I think that will continue.

  10. Tasia Says:

    Guys, I think more people are reading our blogs than we expected…check this out!!!


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