And then there was DanceJam..

February 9, 2008

As we all have witnessed, reality tv is consuming a lot of television channels. I for one do enjoy a few reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother and a couple of others. But it gets to be a point of too much, especially with the dancing shows like now on much music you have So You Think You Can Dance, and this new Randy Jackson one called America’s Next Dance Crew. Oh and you can’t forget the spin off one called Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. I guess it’s the only tv that isn’t reruns on now due to the writers strike. But just when I didn’t think it could go any further, I read Mike Arrington’s article on DanceJam. The article states that the new company DanceJam are getting new investors investing a bunch of money into the upcoming interactive site. Just to fill you all in, DanceJam is a company founded by MC Hammer (yes you read correctly, maybe he will make a comeback if we are lucky) and Geoffrey Arone, who co-founded the web browser maker Flock. They teamed up to create a website called DanceJam. To get an overview on the upcoming launch, click here. But basically on this website you are able to record yourself dancing and get others to rate your dancing skills and the results will show the top dancers around the world. You are also able to send video messages to fellow dancers and basically critique them on their dance. Also for those who aren’t all that agile on your feet, there is also a feature on the site that allows you to watch the videos in slow motion so that you can get the moves right. And as if that wasn’t enough there will be dance tutorials by the one and only MC Hammer.

All in all I think this site will be successful when it gets up and running. I also think this website will incorporate a lot of participation thru the web as well, like how to improve the dance number that you just witnessed or maybe people will even team up to dance together and share their works on the website. I will keep you guys posted on the release, and maybe in the future I will watch you guys dancing on DanceJam.



3 Responses to “And then there was DanceJam..”

  1. wattsy Says:

    Reality tv is definitly popular in todays society. Companies probably didn’t think a few years ago that they would be as popular as they are today. I think that interactive sites like DanceJam will become more popular. It gives everyone a chance to submit an entry which is cool. This sort of reminds me of Youtube how videos get rated based on stars, and the videos with the highest amount of stars usually get watched the most. This site will be cool to see when it gets running.

    Mitchell Watts

  2. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    Wow, this site kind of reminds me of the ever so popular “Hot or Not” where people rate how hot or well…not you are. We use to find islanders we knew and rate them (this being in grade 8 and 9). I think people are still using it to be honest. Anyway, I think that DanceJam could be a fun reality show because you can kind of participate in it. I think that the world wants to be involved in everything now of days which is why I think that the popular WII has been so successful.

  3. […] Jump to Comments So a few posts ago, I wrote about the new site by MC hammer called DanceJam, Well my friends, the website is now up […]

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