TV and the Internet

February 9, 2008

As I was reading through TechCrunch, I stumbled upon a post by Erick Schonfeld talking about the Apple TV patentpantent1-080207-4.gifAlthough if this takes off it will be most likely on an Apple TV. But still.  What an idea.  Televisions that have an interactive “Ticker”.  I would love to be able to be watching the game at home but have a video widget so I could watch the game with my cousin out in Sask.  There’s no estimate of how long this might take, and there’s thoughts that it may never take off.  I think it will.  Not in the near future but soon, and Apple has the expertise to be the major player with this kind of innovation.  Because apple already has the “widgets” idea down, it should be an easy (i would think) transition, to put it on a TV (or Apple TV).Just thought this was kind of interesting. –Jerry 


4 Responses to “TV and the Internet”

  1. mellaz Says:


    I am glad you brought this topic up because Bell Canada is working with Microsoft to release trial for Internet Protocol TV Using Bell ExpressVu Digital TV Service. I knew about it few years back when I work at Bell Canada (

  2. jblaquiere Says:

    Z: I had no idea that microsoft was thinking about this already. They did describe what their plan was but i found it hard to visualize what it might look like (maybe apple’s was easier to visualize because I’m used to using widgets) I suspect microsoft’s version will have a “microsoft” feel to it (drop down bars etc….)

  3. mellaz Says:

    Believe it or not we started something similar to what Apple is planning for here at UPEI a group of independent media student came up with idea of pantherTV where anyone can watch a hockey\basketball live on line, check it out I am part of the project.

  4. jblaquiere Says:

    That seems to be the new trend, being able to watch TV feeds online. The weathernetwork allows you to watch road conditions from highways on their website, and brookfield even has a feed of their hill, to allow users to check the conditions.
    I also have a friend that watches TV on his computer all the time, he downloaded a program (I forget what its called), but he can watch shows from around the world.

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