“Nokia n82”, could this be the next best thing in news journalism?

February 10, 2008

“Nokia n82”, could this be the next best thing in news journalism? I say so and here is why


Anyone who is not familiar with the Nokia n82, by just looking at it, might possibly think that it just another fancy phone. But that’s not quite true. There’s more to this phone than u might just think. The Nokia82 comes with software installed in it that lets the user upload a video reports to the news service’s video pages while taping it at the same time. The software that lets you broadcast live is called Mojo.

With the Nokia n82 you can go live with your life by streaming anytime, anywhere, right from your phone. You can be an eyewitness, capture first steps, or whip up your own streaming video blog.
Jeff Jarvis gives an excellent example in the below video regarding the Virginia tech tragedy. At the time of the incident if one of the students had this phone, the police would’ve known the exact location where the victims and the murder were, so the situation might have been prevented from turning the way it did.

I certainly think that this is a revolution to news journalism. With in few years I believe that all news would be going live from a phone captured by random people.



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