Advanced Technology

February 10, 2008

This post is related to Guy Kawasaki’s post on water shortage in third world countries. It talks about how good clean water is hard to come by, and when it’s found it’s hard to transport to villages. I hope I can link the video in here properly, although I’m not sure I can.

This post is more or less just the video, but it’s about how a simple solution can fix a major problem. It is as simple as having children pump the water as they play. They just go on a merry-go-round and as they spin around and around the water is pumped into a giant water tank (strangely enough, hidden by billboards).  This makes me think of how way back in the olden days how nomads (I think thats what they were called) continuously travelled and so had all of their belongings to carry.  Their solution was to stuff their children’s dolls with supplies such as flour.  This made it possible for even the children to contribute and help with the “grown-up” work.

We think that the best technology is the latest Apple product, or a scanner inside of a pen, but there are still basic technologies being invented that improve people’s standard of living.  This is a simple example of one of these technologies.

Now children in these third world countries can aid the “grown-ups” (aka. the women) with their hard work, which will substantially increase their standard of living.


David McKenna


One Response to “Advanced Technology”

  1. jencampbell Says:

    I was amazed watching this video. Its such a simple idea and plan. I also like how it has virtually no cost to the people who built it because of the children pumping the water and the advertisements. I always found that there are downfalls or negative aspects to new ideas like this, but i can’t honestly see any with this one.

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