Not Concerned

February 10, 2008

I really liked Robert Scoble’s post about what we are missing about Google when it comes to the Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition. His comment that “put two turkeys together, and you don’t get an eagle” makes perfect sense and why Google should not be scared. As we discussed in class Google will be able to compete with these companies quite easily whether they are combined or separate entities.

Robert also made some excellent points on how Google stands to benefit greatly the longer the deals go on between Microsoft and Yahoo. This is where the post really started to catch my attention a little bit; in that it mentions that this is a key point for the three companies. The trend is changing to mobile phones and Google is pocketing as much of the market share in this industry as they possibly can. I personally don’t use the Internet on my phone, though I may switch to a blackberry or something similar for my next phone, but the number of people that are browsing the Internet on their cell phones is growing substantially every day. I know quite a few people that are always playing online with their phone.

He next goes on the talk about how the fear of monopoly in email providers that is created with Microhoo, but that it doesn’t mean money will be made. In fact he said the money is in the search so Google still appears to be on top. He talks about how they have to integrate their search services into their email services, but I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t search unless it’s with google. I can’t stand searches like Live searches through hotmail, I find they come up with nothing. While I’m sure Yahoo isn’t too bad, I don’t think I’d ever use it. I’m a Google man for sure.

I definitely agree with Robert that Google is pretty safe. I did find it interesting that way more money is made with searches than is made through email. I thought that the companies would do pretty good with advertisements through their websites email, but apparently not. I hope to have time before class tomorrow to look into how Google is doing in the Mobile phones sector and make a post about it.



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