Importance of Marketing in Business

February 13, 2008

I was scanning through the posts this week, and once again I found Seths blog easier to relate to on Food Fun. It mentioned marketing throughout this blog, and this is an important part in the Business world. Without marketing a product properly, the success of the product is at risk. I remember when I went to elementary school and frequently ate fruit roll ups and dunkaroos. The marketing on tv commercials had an influence on me wanting these products. Or when I used to eat lucky charms because of the catchy commercials.”There’s always been a cultural desire to conform. The difference is that now there’s money at stake, so marketers push us to conform in ways that turn a profit. ” Profits are the main priorities of marketing. Michael Jordan has been an important reason in Nike controlling an important part of the basketball shoe market. Having a celebrity endorsing your product has proved to be successful at many levels for companies.There are many keys to successful marketing. Some keys are knowing your market, business, and successfully delivering the message to your consumer is important.  One company that comes to my mind of successfully conveying the consumer to buy the product is Pepsi.Without the proper marketing, businesses can go bankrupt.  I found a really interesting article on how Volkswagen is introuducing a new form of marketing online. Volkswagen“Today, Tribal launches the brand new site for, providing customers with the most life-like experience of sitting in and walking round a new car without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.”  It took Volkswagen 18 months to create this site with a team of 50 people. In this article it says that research has been done that shows people do their homework on the internet before shopping for a new car. Keeping one foot ahead of the competitors in the automobile industry is really imoportant.I think that without proper marketing of products jobs are at stake. If a companys sales fall of expected because of entering the wrong market – than the companies employees could be at risk of losing their jobs.Mitchell Watts


3 Responses to “Importance of Marketing in Business”

  1. Tasia Says:

    Improving upon user-friendly and superior product experience sites is an imperative means for businesses to exhibit their products to potential customers; Volkswagen is certainly improving and setting the standard for competitors, as indicated from their improved website. This is without doubt an innovative way to present customers their product, although done before; Volkswagen has just improved upon it. Especially with the Internet becoming such as significant tool in marketing today, companies willing to deliver their product via a larger-extending media to facilitate the research and decision process involved while preparing to purchase a new product. This post also reminds me of another post made by Seth, ( ) in which he lists the reasons why to introduce a new product and the potential benefits it could create for the company. Volkswagen probably went through a similar process when deciding to create this newly improved way to market their products.

  2. wattsy Says:

    I agree Tasia. Volkswagen is using this new experience on there web site to get more customers to buy there product. The internet in general is giving companies different options to market there products. Such as marketing your products on popular web sites.
    A lot of people like to do research about products online before they buy they the product.

  3. mellaz Says:

    Ford motors marketing team really impressed me with this commercial which you can watch here:

    Now, do not you want to buy a Ford?

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