LOST: 1 LAPTOP, worth $54 million!

February 13, 2008

Raelyn Campbell, a customer of Best Buy had her $1,100 laptop lost by the business, after she had brought it in to be serviced. They only told her it was lost after giving her the run-a-round for 3 months, after she initially brought it in. She then filed a lawsuit against Best Buy, for potential exposure of identity theft, and wants to be compensated with $54 million! Wow!  Best Buy thinks her demands are unreasonable, and offered her to settle for $900, which Campbell was outraged with, considering she paid well over $1,100 for the laptop and warranty plans, along with all her information, documents, music and photos stored on the laptop. I thought I’d bring up this post from the Scripting News just because I know I’d be super mad if a store lost my laptop. Does everyone else feel the same? Or would you have just backed up your information and not minded so much that Best Buy *lost* your laptop?



7 Responses to “LOST: 1 LAPTOP, worth $54 million!”

  1. wattsy Says:

    wow, thats alot of money that she wants to be compensated for. I wonder how much money she will get.

  2. davecanvin Says:

    She won’t get anywhere NEAR that much money.

    I read she chose the $54 million figure for publicity…. it was the same amount that a guy sued a drycleaner for for losing his pants.

    They’ll settle out of court, she’ll make a couple of grand, and be done with it.

    Personally I think she is pretty dumb for leaving sensitive information on that computer without making any back ups at all. It only takes 30 seconds to back up a file on a USB key which you can safely store somewhere.

  3. John Doe Says:

    Well, I’ll use this forum to announce this. If you are not technically competent to make repairs on your own computer and thus will have to rely on complete strangers handling your data (unless all you so is surf the web), you had better become competent to do at least this: Create logons that give different priveleges to each account. Learn how to encrypt your data [easy to do especially with XP Pro(a minimum OS for any serious user)or with 3rd party applications.] Finally, backup regularly. This woman was just as irresponsible as BB. That anyone would trust big boxes to work on their computer is laughable. Oh, the ignorance. Purchase your Laptop (Desktops are a completely different animal) directly from Dell,HP Gateway IBM (Lenovo),etc.. And buy a service aggreement from them.

  4. romizuddin Says:

    Yeah it is lots of money. But I agree with davecanvin. She will not able to get this amount, it is kind of unrealistic.

  5. Tasia Says:

    But $54 million definitely catches people’s attention. She’ll unquestionably settle out of court; she doesn’t even have professional representation!! And I also agree that she’s dense for not backing up all her information. I regularly back up my information, because my old laptop fried and I learned the hard way. And if it wasn’t for a bazillion MP3s on CD-R and del.ici.ous saving all my information…I probably would have had a serious melt-down.

  6. wattsy Says:

    I think she will be get the price she paid for the laptop, and maybe a bit more. But Bestbuy will probably hire the best lawyers and that would be a road block in getting a lot of money. $54 million sounds crazy to me. It sounds like she just wants publicity.

  7. mellaz Says:

    That is reason for Raelyn Campbell to use http://del.icio.us/ to back-up her bookmarks and for an update on the status of the lawsuit go to: http://bestbuybadbuyboycott.blogspot.com/

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