Mashup: Good or Bad?

February 14, 2008

I found this article interesting when I was reading my feeds; it is posted on the Fred Wilson blog. What is mahsup? Mashup is originally referred to the practice in pop music particularly in hip-hop of producing a new song by mixing two or more existing song.

To create mashup song at first artist has to come up with idea (idea creation). Then simply choose two favorite track which are you want to mashup. Once you got the idea start cutting the selected song. And then start mixing selected song together to create a whole new track (obvious it is not that easy).

Check this site for how to create mashup- Guidelines.

The reason for mashup increasing rapidly is the growing blog culture of the internet and cheap remixing tools are making it easier than ever for djs to create mashups and share them with the world. Mashup is the product of internet where people easily able to create and upload it. But bloggers might be afraid of it according to copyright issues.

Lwarance lessig said that according to copyright law mashups are illegal, and increasingly, as record levels learn about mashup artists they are doing what their lawyers say that they have to do, which is to stop it and shut it down. The people producing mashup are furious. Mashups themselves no longer promote the work of the artist. Yet the existing regime of copyright says that that is absolutely obvious, that this is what you should do, and the claim of ‘they have a right to do this’ turns out to be very, very weak.

Every creative thing has a good side, and has a bad side. I think mashup is a creative idea where every artist has to spend huge amount of time to produce an attractive music or music video. Some of them are come out nicely done and some of them are really lethargic to watch or listen. But if someone really put on that good effort then sometime it is really nice to watch even actual artist would love to watch this. But the original artist and the true lover of the song might not like it unless they have control over it.



3 Responses to “Mashup: Good or Bad?”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I’ve heard a lot of mash-ups over the years, and mostly wasn’t overly impressed with them. Remixes rarely turn out to be favorites of mine either. However there have been a couple of mash-up albums which I did really enjoy, being Dangermouse’s Grey Album and Girl Talk’s Night Ripper. Night Ripper is a really good dance mix including basically any music with a popular beat, ripping songs samples from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, and the Pixies and then mixing the music samples with rap vocals. It is an excellent dance CD or as cruising music! I highly recommend checking it out if you’ve never heard of it.

  2. davecanvin Says:

    After hearing about it in class and reading about it in Wikinomics, I tracked down the Grey Album and I must say I was impressed. It was a nice change from the normal Black Album and I think it is what a proper mash up should be. Most other mash ups I have listened to sounded pretty bad, almost like it was too obvious the two songs didn’t belong together, but the Grey Album flowed almost perfectly together.

  3. mellaz Says:

    Another definition for Mashup (music): is a song or composition created from an artisit or DJ whoc combined the music or instrumental from one song with the a cappella from another song.

    Not everyone can be good at mashup as Dave mentioned and as we all know there few DJ we know of who can remix any song and make it to the top 40s.

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