Why Young Voters Care Again

February 14, 2008

To start this off, I don’t follow politics at all and to be honest, I don’t vote either. I’ve noticed that a lot of the blogs have to do with politics and the election that is coming up in the States. My parents subscribe to Times magazines and occassionally I will pick it up and read some articles that are of interest to me. On the cover of February 11th, 2008, the heading read “Why young voters care again”. It grabbed my attention so I read through it.

My friends and I don’t follow politics, especially in the United States. Because of this, we don’t vote or anything along those lines. While reading through this article, I noticed that a lot of students (in the states) felt that their votes wouldn’t count and that they couldn’t make a difference. A lot of them felt that their country was going on the wrong track and possibly still could be. They felt trapped having Bush for two terms and are looking for a great impact on the country. Statistics in Time magazine show that students find Barack Obama to be the most inspirational and that if the caucus were held in their state today that they would vote for him. I found this fairly interesting as I don’t know anything about him. I thought that I would get some ideas from my family and cousins. They feel that Barack Obama would be the best suited for this “job”. Once again, interesting.

I think that it’s great that students are finally getting involved and trying to make a difference in this world. It definetely needs to be done. Unfortunately for politics, I think that I will continue to sit back on the side lines and watch to see what happens. Hopefully if students can and do make a difference, we will see something – other than war – being done to the States and our own country.

-Kate 🙂


7 Responses to “Why Young Voters Care Again”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I agree with you Kate, it is better that younger generations are becoming more involved or aware of politics. There is definitely a need for concern too, because they are going to be the next influential generation and who consequently are going to vote for their next leader to represent their views.

  2. wattsy Says:

    I agree as well. I think the younger generations are getting more involved in politics. There still are a lot of people though that don’t vote though because they are not interested in politics. I think though that it important for all people to become more interested in politics because the leaders in power decide what laws are made, and what areas to allocate money to.

  3. davecanvin Says:

    I think that one reason Barack Obama has become so popular and has been so successful so far is because of his youth following. He really knows how to connect with the youth voters it seems, and he is using it to his advantage.

    I was watching some coverage on CNN and an analyst was saying that Obama doesn’t really have alot of political followers, but rather he has fans. He said he was more of a celebrity than a politician. Kind of a bold statement in my opinion, but hey whatever gets votes.

  4. wattsy Says:

    Barack Obama has really connected to a large portion of voters in the United States. Just from watching all the coverage of his campaign on tv, it seems as if he is gaining a large amount of support. I think for the most part people just want a change from the government that is in power right now.

  5. romizuddin Says:

    I agree with you guys, the reason for Obama’s success is the young generation. There is number of young people engaged in the campaigning for the first time. i think it is also giving opportunity young generation to learn about meaningful campaigning from Barack Obama

  6. mellaz Says:

    the youth wants change
    the old want the same

  7. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    I think everyone’s pretty much on the same page on how they feel about the government right now. Personally, I think that if Hillary wins, there will be very little change.

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