Will “TrueKnowledge” replace or be part of “google”?

February 18, 2008

I was interested in learning more about TrueKnowledg buzz of “Semantic Web” these days . Somehow, I find that search engines like Google are dumb. I know they do a pretty good job of returning accurate results to keyword searches. But because google does not actually understand natural language, you cannot ask Google a straight forward(Yes or No) question and expect an answer. Google will provide with only search results!!

For the most part, Google does a pretty good job of giving you what you’re looking for. TrueKnowledge has its sights set on Google, Yahoo, and the other big names in search.

The True Knowledge search engine is currently in private Beta, so you cannot really use it. True Knowledge can still only answer questions about J. Lo appropriately, but does not know the difference between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Beals.

That said, True Knowledge does look pretty interesting. I like the way that the web application does more than query out a bunch of relevant web pages, but rather gives you an answer and then shows its work. TrueKnowledge will give Google a run for its money as top internet search provider.

TrueKnowledge’s API information Architecture Diagrams

Must-see video to know the differences between Google and TrueKnowledge:



One Response to “Will “TrueKnowledge” replace or be part of “google”?”

  1. Balaji Says:

    TrueKnowledge would have been amazing if it had an algorithm where it collects information automatically.

    That is what I would call a Semantic Web.

    Like you know, Google’s indexing is an automatic process and I feel that is more effective and effecient than doing it manually.

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