February 28, 2008

After reading a post by Fred (A VC) about Mashups, I thought it was fairly appropriate as our last class was about mashups. I find this particular mashup to be funny.

I think that mashups will become really popular in years to come. The first mashup that I had ever heard was Elvis vs. JXL – Little Less Conversation. I think it’s the video I love more so than the song. Anyway, i’m beginning to hear mashups more and more as I get older and to be honest, I had never realized that this song was actually called a “mashup”. To my amazement, mashups are not neccessarily music.

I think it’s a great way for people to play with sounds and rhythms. Some mashups sound great when others sound…well..not so great but it’s the fact that people are trying to figure out what sounds the best. You never know, these people might be your next “hot” artist. Some of the best mashups make the best dance music! I hope that people will be able to continue making mashups and that these mashups continue to be popular.

With that said, I don’t see how the music industry feels that home made mashups are “taking money away from them”. As if they don’t have enough money as it is.. Anyway, I guess that’s another debate for another time.


3 Responses to “Mashups”

  1. Tasia Says:

    That Elvis song makes me cringe every time I hear it. Some mash-ups are really great, and others, well I’m not gonna go there. Anyways, I too never really paid much attention to mash-up videos, but now that I’ve been exposed to them I’m definitely going to be looking into them more often. Mashuptown ( is a pretty good source for new mash-ups and it includes the MP3s for download. Just thought I’d mention it. But even if you type in “mashup” at Hype machine ( lots of new mash ups pop up for free downloads at blogger sites.

  2. mellaz Says:

    Remember the Barack Obama – “Yes We Can” youtube video here is a MashUp by Phil RetroSpector

    Listen to it! sounds much better after the mashup. Also, here is a website to keep track of top music-mashups I liked many of the songs so give it a click

  3. jblaquiere Says:

    That video with the kid was actually a SNL skit by Will Ferrell. Anyway another great mashup would be Oasis/Greenday (Wonderwall/Boulevard of Broken Dreams). I think mashups will become increasingly more popular. And has the potential to become its own genre….sorta. Mashups are great, whoever thought of taking two wicked songs and combining them is a genius.

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