February 29, 2008

Some answers from digg to some of the questions asked last class about digg:

How many Diggs or buries does it take to promote or remove stories?

The promotion and burying of stories is managed by an algorithm developed by Digg. There is no hard number of Diggs/buries to promote or remove a story. It’s based on a sliding scale that takes several factors into consideration, such as number of Diggs, reports, time of day, topic submitted to, Digging/burying diversity, etc.

There are stories in the upcoming section with 100s of Diggs. Why haven not they been promoted?

This is evidence of our promotion algorithm hard at work. One of the keys to getting a story promoted is diversity in Digging activity. Until the algorithm gets the diversity it needs of users Digging the story, it will remain in the Upcoming section. That way, the system knows a variety of people will be into the story.


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