March 3, 2008

I really like this post about Google Docs by Robert Scoble.  I find this really drives the point home about how Convenience is becoming such a deciding factor in what programs or products get used.  It states that Google Docs have a lot of problems but still they are being used. They have a major factor that normal word processors can’t duplicate, at least not yet, and that is the convenience of being online all the time and accessible to everyone without installing the program on your computer from a CD.  I personally haven’t looked at Google’s Docs yet but plan to very soon.  They would be very useful for group projects in school, as well as once we all get out in the business world.

Companies now have to build convenience into their products, look at how mobile technology is taking off, and the main reason is convenience.  I haven’t really jumped on the mobile technology band wagon yet, basically because I really have no need for it yet.  I suspect that will all change in the near future, but I welcome it.  Convenience plays a large part in my purchasing decisions, as well as which services or sites that I use.  I’m sure Google will fix the initial problems they are experiencing with the docs, and when they do this will be a great tool that everyone should take advantage of.



3 Responses to “Convienient”

  1. David McKenna Says:

    I haven’t spoken to my group about this yet, but I’ve started using Google Docs for our next presentation. I think with the results that Tasha’s group had with it, a couple of groups will probably try it out. I haven’t encountered any of those problems mentioned yet, but I haven’t used it very much so hopefully it’ll work out.

  2. tag1983 Says:

    We actually used it for our presentation that we are going to have tonight, due to the storm we were unable to meet so we put it together on Google docs from different locations, and just touched it up this morning. It was great.


  3. davecanvin Says:

    When the Microsoft/Yahoo! merger was being discussed many analysts believed that one of the driving forces of the deal was that Microsoft wanted the Yahoo! brand in order to successfully bring the MS Office platform online.

    Now THAT would be a Google Docs killer in my opinion

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