Hey MonkeyBrain

March 3, 2008

Well I have been on the missing list for quite awhile due to a flood in my basement of my apartment which also happens to be my room, so I’ve been pretty busy trying to clean up and get stuff back in order so that I can get back on schedule. Most of my furniture was ruined and some of my computer equipment among other things. I now have my computer set up temporarily on a piece of plywood on top of two stacks of paper boxes. So with my absence I haven’t been posting, and after going through 217 blog posts on my RSS feed I have quite a few that I want to post about so here goes.

The first blog entry that I want to talk about was the one about the website Hey MonkeyBrain, which is a website basically dedicated to arguments. I love the idea of this and it has a lot of potential to really take off since most Internet users don’t see eye to eye on a variety of topics. I scanned through a few topics, such as the ebay boycott and a few others. The site gives you the option to search for a topic or you are able to start your own. I think this would be a great tool for consumers to do research on a product or service before making the final purchase. For instance I just purchased a portable GPS system and if I had of known of this topic perhaps I would have started a Garmin Vs. TomTom debate to see what the rest of the users of this site thought. It also harnesses great topics such as Ninjas Vs. Pirates debates, which really isn’t a debate because Ninjas win hands down haha. But I really enjoyed the site and have added it to my ever growing list of bookmarks from this course. If you haven’t checked out the site a little more indepth than what was in the blog post and enjoy arguing (maybe I should show this site to my girlfriend) or debates than this site could be a great past time for a few of us.



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