Is Yahoo!’s onePlace, the Right Place?

March 4, 2008


In class, we have briefly discussed topics concerning how to organize your web content through the use of bookmark sites ( and RSS feeders. Competitors Yahoo! and Microsoft have taken content management to a new level by answering the need for management of mobile content. Yahoo! announced today its mobile-content management solution, onePlace. The tool’s objective is to create a better system to organize web information, similarly to RSS and bookmarks tools.

onePlace’s main objective is to strive for simplicity; the tool operates using a system similar to tagging and grouping, which allows users to create a category folder and link all relating information to that folder. The example Yahoo! is promoting is for traveling. Say you were traveling to Europe, you begin by creating a Euro-Trip folder. Then you can link to all the travel sites (ie recommended places to visit), related music, video clips, photos, search queries, etc. It’s like having your Del.ici.ous account only with more features, all available on your mobile phone. onePlace facilitates content portability even more, because now if you want to add useful information to your trip folder, and a computer is not close, you can just use your cellphone tool to add to the folder. Being that the phone is connected to the internet, onePlace also keeps information updated. So if your flight time was altered, onePlace would make an automatic update. Here’s a link to the press release, it includes all of onePlace’s anticipated features. Below is an idea of what the screen will look like.

onePlace screen

I definitely think onePlace sounds like a useful content management tool for mobile users, aiding the issues concerning personal content management on the web by sorting the info in an extremely portable way (via a cellphone).  Since the tool has not been launched yet, I can’t give a review of the pros and cons, but I expect it to be covered regularly over blogs, once it is released. However, I’m rather surprised that no other companies have released a product similar to this sooner. Microsoft is releasing it’s Sliverlight tool, to be used with the newly partnered Nokia brand.  Google is beginning to launch it’s Google Gears application.

onePlace is expected to be available during this year’s second quarter. I found onePlace being covered by Techcrunch and Scobleizer blogging about Silverlight.



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