Apple vs Adobe

March 5, 2008

Robert Scobles post discusses news Apple is having a problem with Adobe, dealing with how the Iphone will not support flash player. Apple and Adobe have a long history together, and wouldn’t want this recent problem to hurt their long professional relationship. For people who don’t know who Adobe is it is a company that offers a series of products such as the Acrobat Family, Coldfusion, Flash, Flex, and Illustrator. One familiar product is probably the Adobe Reader that allows you to view pdf files from any computer system in the world, and share it with anyone around the world.

Apple is a big company but I don’t think that should avoid dealing with Adobe. Maybe this is Apples way of saying they want to introduce a Flash product to compete with Microsoft’s Silverlight. An issue that comes up for the user is Flash being blocked by companies and cities throughout the world. As well as the user not being able to view certain videos on the internet. Obviously Apple is a big enough company to make decisions to use a new flash player.

Adobe which had about $3.2 billion in sales in 2007, hasn’t disclosed how much of this money comes from Apple. Apple isn’t Adobe’s biggest client, but obviously the stock price of Adobe could decrease if not dealing with Apple. A lot of people would not like to see Adobe flash leave the Iphone. This is a history though of not so good relationships between Apple and Adobe. One of which was Adobe delaying support to users of Apple Macintosh computers. The differences were later resolved, but relationships were hurt between executives of these companies. Shareholders in Apple were not happy with some of Steve Jobs and teams recent comments. Some shareholders are not to happy with the direction of the iPhone.

Here is a video of the iPhone, describing all the features of it. I never have used an iPhone, and this video taught me about all the features on it.  Some of which I really like are the touchscreen, it has an iPod built into it, it is made of aluminum, and the overall quality of the picture on the phone.

There is a lot of bloggers commenting on this throughout the internet latly. At Gizmodo the author claims that Apple feels the Flash from Adobe is not good enough to be on the Apple Iphone. I do not own an Iphone so I wouldn’t know what flash player would be the best on the Iphone, but there is a lot of discussion on this issue currently.

I think it is not healthy to have bad relationships between Apple and Adobe, as the customer in the end is the one who is affected. By not getting proper support with products, or slow services.

Mitchell Watts


5 Responses to “Apple vs Adobe”

  1. Tom B Says:

    “Apple isn’t Adobe’s biggest client,”

    Maybe they are. About half of Photoshop sales come from Mac users. You don’t buy a PC to do image editing unless you are forced to by Luddite IT managers. Some Mac users will also buy Adobe’s PDF creation software. Or Adobe InDesign.

    Personally, I think Apple could write a Photoshop killer and an Adobe Reader killer and put Adobe OUT OF BUSINESS if Adobe crossed them. PDF is a NATIVE file format on teh Mac already.

  2. D9 Says:

    I remember well the late 90’s and Adobe’s strong desire to “move” its customers to a single Windows solution. From halting development of Mac versions of popular programs to insinuating Apple’s collapse to crippling or deleting features on the Mac software, Adobe certainly made their choice.

    Now a decade later, with Microsoft coming out with programs left and right to challenge each of Adobe’s cash cow software, Adobe seems much more friendly towards Apple and its users. The slept with the devil and now they’re feeling the heat. Microsoft would just as soon crush Adobe as Apple. Acrobat is more threat to Office than Mac OS is to Windows.

    When 90% of the general market uses Windows but 40% of your sales are for Macs, it’s really stupid to “insult” your customer base. Mac users are very cool to anything Adobe these days…including Flash on our iPhones. Adobe, you’ve got some serious @ss kissing to do!!


  3. wattsy Says:

    thanks for your comments tom and D9. I agree Tom, Apple is one of Adobe’s biggest client. But I guess my point in that paragraph was that Adobe has other clients besides Apple.
    D9, I agree with your points. Microsoft is coming out with a lot of programs to challenge Adobe.

  4. David McKenna Says:

    I’ve heard all of the hype about the iPhone but I haven’t seen one until that video. I don’t even consider that a phone. Geez, I’m pretty sure it can do more stuff then my laptop. Very impressed. I want one…

  5. wattsy Says:

    I agree David, I was quite impressed too with all the features on the iPhone from watching that video. I wouldn’t mind one too haha.

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